So my new routine is that whenever someone comments on one of my posts on Facebook or sends me an email with a comment, I tell them to consider signing up for this program/site.  It’s usually people who have already worked privately with me and I know them better and know it would be good for their evolution to join.

I love this site and I love my work.  I loved it before but now I am in this deep passion and determination about it.  By the way, I truly believe that that is a KEY way to feel about your gifts… so if you are not there now, keep this in mind to amp it up when you are ready to serve people on a bigger level.

So in the past I would have maybe done this “Hey, please consider joining it’ll be really good for you” but I would have felt awkward as hell doing it.

Now I don’t care.  No more concern about how THEY are feeling when I contact them… I used to look at their feelings more than mine… and hold back because I didn’t want them to feel uncomfortable, feel on the spot, under pressure, too salesy, have to make an excuse or something.  Nope, now I focus on MY desires.  I 100% believe in my work.  It’s fucking awesome.  Time and time again I have seen how it transforms – and now with my recent experiences through and how I’ve already changed my lifestyle and perspective on things – WOW, yea, everyone needs to know about this and join.  Cause I know it transforms, cause it has – for everyone involved in the adventure.

So that’s my new routine.  Fearless about sharing my gifts.  Before worries about being pushy, now, getting over it.

It’s a good thing.  Eye on the prize.  Totally focused.  Fearless.  Determined.  That’s totally the way you are to be with your gift – out there and going for it.  My message and healing is to get to the people to help them.  If it doesn’t get out I’m not doing my job, I’m not “serving” (yea, there’s that word again) – but I mean it in serving G-d.  He gave me these gifts, I share them.  I love it.  So awesome!  I have such a good life these days.  My life has totally changed for the better.  Amazing.