April 14, 2013

So my new routine — my new activity is doing nothing.

What’s that mean?

Well, I’m practicing being non-responsive.

Haha!  Sounds crazy, right?  Yes, but it’s part of upleveling.  Stepping into this new me and my new business.

I can’t respond to everyone’s email.  I won’t.

I just stopped it.

In the past this used to be considered “good customer service” — now I just let it fall to the wayside.

What’s this mean?

Well, someone writes me, “see you on Sunday” (for example) or “see you at the event”

I just let it fall flat.

I had already written in the previous email to them that I was looking forward to seeing them, etc.

So this feels totally uncomfortable, to not reply again.

But I don’t.  I just let it be.

I feel how this little thing takes more of my time and energy – and it’s not how a high powered business owner runs their business.

Same deal with receiving an email like this:

Greetings Lady Blaire. I would love to join your blog post but I’m already financially over committed. But you are so right. I find myself getting tingles or goosebumps or whatever reading your stuff and I know I need to jump right in. Unfortunately I am now at the point in my journey where, I have decided that I know that I deserve all of the dreams I’ve had, the very same dreams over and over from young, and the chaos, the patterns, are resurfacing, as if to prove that my dreams are just that and… TY for being so awesome and not just having the same thoughts I’ve often had but the courage to express them!

I used to write THANK YOU back.  Now I don’t bother.

Mentally and energetically I send a thank you to them.  Then I leave it.  This person gave me a compliment.  Okay, thank you, I accept it.

This person told me they don’t have money to join my blog.  Okay, that’s fine.  Their choice, their growth, their path.  That’s fine.

I don’t need to spend my precious resource, my time and energy on replying to them.

That’s it.  I let the remark be received by me.  Thank you.  And I let it be.

The other thing that’s going on here is it’s sometimes (and I feel it’s the situation here) a discreet energy sucking tactic.

The person gives you a compliment, to get you to reply, so they can continue telling you about their journey or struggles.

Nope, not going there.

That shit pisses me off.  I realize that it’s the manipulating energy exchange that they are trying to do that bothers me.  I’m guilty of that one.  I used to TOTALLY do that.  And will have to watch myself when I am doing it now.

Giving a compliment — to get attention, comfort, energy from someone else.

So it’s very interesting.

Yes, uncomfortable.  But I do it. I let the emails that are not for clients or any new business go.  They are fine.  I am fine.  Relax, breathe.  Be okay in the discomfort or any anxiety of being rude and/or not replying.  It’s okay.  You’re upleveling.  You’re taking your business to the next level. Yes, I am.  Thank you!