May 6, 2013

Today I watched the movie HECKLER.  I thought it was really good, you may want to watch it too.

It was a film by Jamie Kennedy talking about how he handles criticism and how other people in his industry (hollywood stars) handle criticism.  I thought it was very good and healing.

I reached out to him to tell him how much I enjoyed and appreciated his film — and he wrote back 🙂

So now (in my mind) he’s my new friend.  He’s a contact at the very least.  Another connection to Hollywood that pulls me forward.

I’ve decided to live in this apartment until my opportunity to move out to Hollywood comes.  I feel it will come soon.  I’ve been seeing so many people around me who are in front of the camera – so many new people coming into my awareness who reflect this.

Lots of views of people coming “up”  — popping off – living their dreams.

I know that is now transforming in my life.

That’s happening to me now too.

I’ve also decided to re-do my contract with students with the thought in mind that I was creating it for these big Hollywood players.  I could see myself working with Jamie.  Helping him with his love life.  That was also the thought when that guy who works with big name stars contacted me a week ago — I had that same vision.  So I’m creating all my stuff to reflect that.  High level people.  Big names.  They also have the money to pay my fees and continue paying them.  That’s the type of students I desire.  Plus I love the field they are in, I will be in it too — and we all get each other.