January 18, 2013

The same “issue” that is stopping me with my meetups is the same issue… or rather, debate that is happening with my new book.

Again, I feel that my books are to be presented (at least my 1st one, about the MarryBlaire.com story and this one, about marriage) is supposed to be in a lighthearted, relatable manner that’s written for the mainstream.

I feel very strongly and confident about this.

But again, I’m thinking too much about how to layout this book and not trusting enough for it to be written through me… because I know this book, like my 1st one, is going to be deeply healing having to do with relationships.

The first one is deeply healing about how to find a mate and being single…

This third one is deeply healing about having a close, intimate relationshp and marriage…

I can do it… I can do it… just do it and don’t get caught up in the thinking.  This really is no big deal.  Amen.