June 17, 2013

I am so psyched for this week.  I had a fantastic, productive, high energy day.

I’m in the process of updating my website with these copywriting tools.  Bringing in fresh, new, fun energy.

I remember all the fun I had with writing headlines for my Event Planning Company – using these copywriting tools and I am infusing the Love Guru website with that stuff.  The website already feels FANTASTIC!

Amazing how that brings more lightness, outrageousness and fun.

I LOVE the energy I feel from my site now — so vibrant!

And this is my money week.

My money making week.

The week I’m going to get my TV job.

This is the week 9 years ago that I got my MarryBlaire idea and launched that website.

I feel it in my body.  I feel it in my bones.

This is happening for me this week.

I feel so good about this.  I feel so confident and great.

I’m ready to step into my destiny!



I love the confidence I’m feeling.  I love the lightness and sense of humor and playfulness I am feeling.

I am sooo loving this.

I am so ready for this — all of this — now.  Yes!

PS:  Sold my rug today to a lady who moved here recently from Denver.  Amazing how we crossed paths… she, just having made the drive here from the west.  And me planning my drive out there.

PSS:  I stopped calling (or at least I try to stop when I say it) it “my drive to the west” — instead, I correct my speech to say MY ADVENTURE going out West.  Makes it much more light, fun and exciting.  A drive out West sounds like pure hell. and not fun at all.