January 11, 2013

Interesting how my parents/family was “the enemy” (extreme description, but for this post let’s flow with it….) to now my consultants.

Today I was hanging out with my mom – which I must say is a quite enjoyable thing these days (I will post on this next) and I was telling her how I am going to post my Manifestation Mobiles up for sale on the web as well as sell them on my site again.

This was something I had put up maybe a year ago but didn’t have good pictures of the items and felt insecure about it, so I took them down.

Anyway, I was telling her how they are tools for my private students to use as well as just about anyone to help them manifest their desires.  I explained to her how I have used them and other related tools to move through healing and manifestation periods through my life.  I shared with her that’s why my artwork on my walls is always changing.

Anyway, through all of this, she had a confused look.  I was bracing myself as to what she was going to say…. but instead, she said something that shed so much light for me.  She said, “what is manifesting?  What if someone saw these and they didn’t really know what that meant?”

I was like – GENIUS!

I am so involved in this lifestyle and “special way of talking” that I don’t realize how the concepts I speak of may sound – and probably do – to many who are new to it.

As I’ve stated in earlier posts lately, my plan is NOT to just speak to spiritual people, but mainstream as well.  To welcome in everyone.  And if I am to do that, my mom provides such great feedback.

Thanks Mom 🙂

So this is what is helping me make the marketing of Manifestation Mobiles better.

It’s helping me overall with explaining what my business is about as well.

I may have her sit with me and go through my website or just have a conversation with her about what I do.  I feel I need to get it down better in laymans terms as to what exactly I do.


Thank you!