November 24, 2012

Had the idea today to put back the free audio for people when they sign up for my mailing list.  I know this was a big issue early on, but I felt guided to put it back on there… as an offering.

I feel like the energy in my message is different and my intention for my mailing list is different – it’s not about loads of people on the list, but about the intimacy I have with each one of them.  It’s about a relationship with people, a give and take… and I also don’t feel I’m offering any extra free stuff anymore, although I do realize that I am still putting out videos in that “Personal Power” series.  I just put up a new video a few days ago, I need to post it on here as well.

So this has been quite a journey – and it’s one of those things you’ll have to decide as to what to do when you go through your own (if you do) and offer your services/gifts to the public.

I’ve had a lot of awarenesses and healings these last three days and I have new – and healthier – perspectives on the whole thing.  I see how the people on my mailing list or my students or people on FB aren’t the enemy… that this has all stemmed from unmet needs and experiences I had in childhood and therefore – to heal them – Spirit was playing out the same scenarios in my intimate relationship as well as my business.  All of that is healing right now… and with the healing comes new perspective and the ability to go out into the world and do it differently.

Again, although it looks like I’m back where I started with the free giveaway when people sign up for my mailing list – “the bribe” if you will – I see it more as a welcome gift, to welcome them to my website and introduce them more to my services.

I’ve also included a special message at the end of the 5 part audio email that they receive that says this… (I’ve also sent this out to my mailig list as well… which I will talk about in the next post)


Can we talk?

You know.. have a talk about our relationship?

Yep, the infamous relationship talk that many of us dread and
freak out when we hear someone we’re dating mention it to us.

“The Talk”

Yes.  Well today I’d like to have “The Talk” with you.

You see, my outlook on my business has recently changed.
I have gone through a lot of healing and clearing this weekend
and a lot of new awarenesses have opened up for me.

I’m not the person I used to be.

You see, before I used to want to have many people on my mailing list.
I wanted to entice you, entertain you, and amaze you with my amazing
knowledge and wisdom.

Just like a dating situation…
I wanted to win you over.

I wanted to make you my gal (or guy)

Again, just like many of us do when we are out in the field dating.
And even though I do NOT teach that when it comes to romantic relationships,
that’s exactly what i was doing when it came to my business relationship
with you on my mailing list.

I was trying to prove myself.
Trying to win you over.

In dating terms…
I was dating many people, trying to find my special someone.

Related to my business…
I was emailing many of you, trying to find more students.

But like I said, many things have changed for me, especially these
past few days and I am different.  I have a different perspective
and I have different desire for my mailing list and how I operate
in my business.

I am no longer interested in winning you over by giving you loads of
fr.e e. info.  And I am no longer going to be “dating” many of you.

I’m ready to settle down.

Settle down with key students who I am working more closely with.

Doing the mass marketing like I was, just wasn’t working for me.
I wasn’t happy.

Just like I learned years ago to stop dating many men at the same time.
I am now applying that to my business.
More specifically, to my mailing list.

So just as I would suggest to any of my private students,
when you have a new awareness and set a new intention,
it’s time to clear.

Clear out all the people you were dating casually.
Clear out all the people who don’t want to take your relationship any

So that’s what I’m doing right here, right now, this weekend.
I am clearing out my past business behavior.
I’m setting things straight.
I’ve set new intentions and I’m going for it.

And part of that process is sharing my new intentions with you –
one of the people in my business I’m “dating”

So in dating terms that means…
I am no longer interested in dating many men.

In dating terms that means…
I am looking for commitment.

So when it comes to our relationship.

Our student-teacher relationship, I am looking for students
to teach more intimately through private healing sessions,
retreats, and through my home study program to attract the One
(which will be out, amongst other home study relationship-related
programs, in 2 weeks or less)

You see, teachers are always looking for students to teach.

Just like when dating… you’re always looking for a partner
(or maybe not looking, but wanting one)

Me, being a teacher, I’m always wanting students.

It’s the way it goes.

It’s part of the complementary relationship.

A man seeks a partner.

A woman seeks a partner.

A teacher seeks a student.

So as a teacher, I’m always interested in new students who I can teach.

Students who I can help transform their lives into the experience
they’ve always dreamed of.

I’m always looking to pass down my knowledge, my guidance, my wisdom.

I’m always looking to share, inspire, help and heal.

Now some teachers and healers do this for fr e e.
I used to.  But now I do not.

Some teachers think… hope…. believe… that sooner or later…
if they keep emailing you and sending you information…

That sooner or later you’ll buy.

In dating terms…
Some people believe that if they keep dating someone who doesn’t want
anything serious, that one day he or she will commit.

That doesn’t happen.

Or if it does happen, it happens after years of patience, frustration,
pain and anger.

I do not have that.

And I do not like to make myself suffer.

I haven’t dated this way since I learned The Spiritual Way To Attract The One in 2004…
which made my dating life much simpler and easier (and happier)

But yet, I was still doing that “dating many people” in my business.

Well, not anymore.

So today I’m doing a clearing.

A “breaking up” of sorts.

With who?

Well, maybe with you….

You see, I have some questions for you.

Well, actually they are some questions for you to ask yourself.

What are your intentions with being on my mailing list?

What are you looking for from our relationship?


What are you looking for from OUR relationship?

Are you looking for someone to give you fr.e e. information
with no intention of hiring them for more personalized services?

Are you looking to use me?

Take-take-take and not give anything in exchange?

Many people do this when they get on someone’s mailing list.

I’ve done this many times as well.

And this used to be fine with me… you know, for you to “date me

But it’s no longer okay.

Some more questions….

Are you looking for a teacher/healer to help you succeed in your love life?
Is that person me?

Are you thinking of doing a session or enrolling in one of my programs?

Are you willing to do “the work” necessary to make your dreams come true?

Are you truly interested in breaking through your blocks and
sabotaging behaviors?

If yes, then we may be a match…

And in dating terms,
we can continue dating.

But again, only if you have commitment in mind.

And in business terms,
that means having the intention to hire me for private healing sessions
or enrolling in one of my programs.

If you are ready to move forward right now, then you can view what’s
currently available and I look forward to moving forward with you
as well…  

( Then I added a bunch of contact links for my site and my social media )

If you need a little bit more time to think about it and decide,
then you are welcome and take your time.

This email is not to pressure you, it’s just to make sure
we are both interested in the same thing.

In dating terms…
A commitment.

In dating terms…
A deeper relationship.

In dating terms…
maybe down the line, marriage.

In business terms,
a paid student-teacher relationship.

If this commitment talk is too much for you…
If you are offended by this email…
If you don’t have intentions of investing in your growth and healing…
And if you don’t like me or my style…
Then it’s best that we say goodbye.

In dating terms,
it may be time for us to break up.

To do so, please unsubscribe below.

This mailing list is for serious minded students of mine.

You are welcome to connect with me on Facebook or Twitter or
subscribe to my YouTube channel…

But this mailing list, this mailing list is for only those who are
serious about their spiritual growth, learning and healing and who
are in a formal arrangement (i.e. have hired me) for me to be
their teacher/healer…. or are currently saving up for services…
or thinking about it.

That’s how things have changed here.

So if that’s not you then I wish you well on your journey, please
remember to unsubscribe, and I’m happy to have gotten to
know your email address for this however many weeks/months/years
you’ve been hanging around.

Please know you are always welcome back onto this list and to work
with me when we are on the same page with this relationship.

Thank you and many blessings.

Wishing you the best in love,

I will discuss my thoughts on this email, the healing and realizations I went through, as well as some people’s reactions from my email newsletter when I sent it out today.

For now, I just realized that I never posted the most recent video with you on here.  I put this out to the world a few days ago and it displays all what I have been going through.  Man, oh man, I LOVE this transformation!!! By far the happiest healing I’ve gone through 🙂  Healing is now really, really fun…. before it was ups and downs.  Now it’s so enlightening (more on this enlightenment thing in a future post as well)