February 1, 2013

This is actually my thoughts from last night…. it was the thought — the realization — that my life just opened up.

Last night I was making a list of all the things that happened for me this week.  I shared some of them with you in my last post.

After I wrote that post a slew of other things came to mind that lined up and I wrote that list in my journal.

It was incredible.

Spirit giving me the opportunity / showing me how I was doing EVERY relationship in my life differently… better.. CONSCIOUSLY

New friendship stuff came up

Business opportunities

And romantic.

And each of them I did like an all star.  All consciously, all thoughtfully and all without the baggage of thoughts and wounding that I have been carrying around with me for all of my 35 years.

As I laid in bed, it dawned on me.  WOW, now my life is really MY life.

My thoughts.  My ways of being.  No more unconscious ways of doing things.  No more selling myself short.  No more spending my energy on things or people that waste my time.

It’s beyond words.

And for the first time in what feels like a million years… I was able to put a request out to the Universe, a manifestation list.

I was able to clear my mind and rather handle all the healing I have over the years, I was able to say, these are the gifts I desire — and since I had all these opportunities this week to DO IT A NEW WAY — wow, oh wow, I feel prepared.  I am ready.  These are all coming to me.  They are all here. I really believe I am ready for all of them.


Thank you so much for preparing me!!