April 6, 2013

(I just have to say I can’t believe it’s already 12AM!!  This whole week the energy has been incredible!  I’ve been keeping such different hours and processing so much and experiencing so much new stuff!)

Okay… so my life would be so much better if / when I move into this place.

I feel this place represents everything I want in my life right now.

It means I’m successful.  Living luxuriously.  Surrounded by higher vibrating people.  People who are making money.  Living a good life.  Enjoying life.  THRIVING.

I have been around people who have just been barely surviving for too long since down here.

Although the last place I lived was really nice — and even my place now is nice — but this just takes it to a whole other level

I see myself with new friends there.

Friends that I love.

I see myself being social there.

Laughing and happy and enjoying life.

I see myself with a man there.

Dating, having opportunities.  A professional guy.  A mover and shaker.

I see myself working with students from there – getting clients from living there.

I see myself having beach gatherings there.

I see people from my building coming.

I see my work being better received, busier down there.  Younger, hipper people.


I see my Love Guru career having taken off there.

I see myself going to the TV station weekly and doing a segment.

I see my writing career booming.  Writing my book, writing for other outlets, doing my thing.

G-d, it’s like so much is put on the line with one place.

Is that wrong?  Makes me feel like that’s wrong.

Like don’t get your hopes up.

But I want to get excited.  I do see that vision.  My life would be so much better if I lived there.

It would be everything I’ve been dreaming it to be.

Now I need to move there.  Hehe