May 6, 2013

So today I set up my Etsy shop!

I’m selling my artwork!! Can you believe it?

I also made a bunch of videos introducing my work to the world and talking about the type of artwork I create

What is Manifestation Art?

How do I use Manifestation Mobiles?

What is Totem Animal Art?

I’m excited – and totally don’t know where this road will take me!

This morning I woke up and I was kind of bummed about going back to my Love Guru job

I questioned myself what it was about the job that I didn’t like and didn’t want to do?

And it was about being in front of the computer – something that has bothered me for a long time – all day and the “in between” stuff in between working with students and teaching groups.

I like the flowingness that I had over the weekend.  The fun and the lightness.  I guess the “no pressure” to make money or produce — and look how I did produce!  I was super productive.

It was the freedom from the “masculine” structures.  The you have to do this at this time, etc… I guess.

I am still exploring this, what exactly I don’t like.  I think again it has to do with the schedule or something.  The having to go to bed at a certain time or wake at a certain time… the routine, but I thought again that’s what I did like.

I’m not sure.

But here I spend the day putting up my artwork.

Not sure where this will lead.  Every step leads somewhere new.

Who knows?

I’m just following my heart.  Doing what I want to do.

In the past I would have never spent “work hours” doing an Etsy store.  I would have thought “what a waste of time” — “who can live off being an artist” — but maybe that’s what I want to do?

Again, I’m not 100% sure.  Maybe I’m not 100% committing to it cause it’s something new.  I’m not sure if it’s possible myself.

But I was seeing many of my students set up their life as an artist (through working with me) – and selling artwork and I wanted to do that too.  It just seemed like so much fun!

So now I’m giving myself permission to have that freedom and fun too.