July 4, 2013

For the past week, maybe more I have been noticing tightness, dull pain in my teeth and jaw.  On some days where I am conscious of it before I go to sleep I make sure to program my mind to NOT tense my jaw/teeth when I’m sleeping.

But yesterday I noticed at the end of the day it was quite tight.

Dullish pain.  That then turns into a headache

I looked it up and it says it has to do with anger, resentment and not letting go.

For me I think it has to do with NOT letting go.

That would connect to the dreams I have been having about my father and my ex – working out things.

So last night I asked a group I am in if they could pray/do some healing on me in that area.. and I did some healing work on myself too as well as praying to gracefully let go.

It has to do with letting go of the past…. not sure why I am so attached to it or having trouble letting it go?  Still not fully understanding that.

I think it also has to do with NOT controlling things.  How I am making these videos now about the trial… and boy, it’s been so exciting, I’ve been so passionate about it, and so loving it — but also fearful at times, asking for protection, because people get pretty heated about race topics and here I am talking about them…

So there has been a trying to control the direction where these videos and talking about this topic takes me — and I think my jaw’s related to that — I need to release that control — and trust.

Happy 4th of July!

I’m going out today to enjoy the day….

Here are videos I made this morning.

I am loving talking about this stuff.  Thank you so much for inspiration, passion, and great direction.