May 21, 2013

My issue these days… which this is not my only one, as clearly I need to work on my thoughts.  This has come up again today.  Bombed out today.  Crap.

Well, the thing I have been thinking about is my clothing.

What do I wear when I am in public, on TV, speaking?

I feel embarrassed, let down kind of over what I wore the other day.

It looked like a rag.


Not proud of it at all.

Plus my hair is too long, I needed a haircut.  Should have gotten that.

I know these are all lessons, and again I need to be kinder to myself.  More compassion.

I need to go shopping.  Try more clothes on.  Play around with clothes.

Sometimes this is a fun idea.  Other times, like right now as I write this post, it feels like a drag.

I feel unsure how to dress.  I feel so drawn to Roman / Greek style — G-ddess like.  But what did they wear?  Sheets.  Haha.  A toga.

If you look at Ghandi, Moses, or any of the greats – this is what they wore.

Yes I know this is a long time ago, but this is what I feel drawn too.. yet, when I wore it the other day I felt inferior.  Ridiculous.  Well, my bra was too padded, I need to get a different one.  Tie some color around my waist.  I just felt insecure next to this other Love Expert / Relationship person who was dressed in the traditional city girl style.  Tight skirt, high heels, real sharp.

I could dress like that too… but again I don’t feel drawn to that.  Or maybe I do and I’m just lying to myself.

Anyway — for the laughs, here you go.


PS:  Well, forget this.  My outfit was just too plain.  I realize this.  I think if I had a colored something around my waist I would feel better, more powerful. You can compare this to my website picture and the only difference there between what I wore to the expo and here is that it was on one shoulder, so a sharper cut, and had a design on it.  That’s the difference, that’s the issue, that’s how we fix it.  Okay, calm down.  Everything is okay.  This was just a small expo, a practice.  You’ll get it Blaire and there’s no need to be perfect right out of the gate.  No one is.

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