June 21, 2013

So I just want to say — and I’ll only say this once, right here — since I notice myself saying it in my head and I don’t want to talk about myself this way….

but my eyesight is really not that good. 🙁

I need to do my eye exercises.  And I haven’t.

I need to meditate about my eyes seeing everything perfectly and I haven’t 🙁

I may need to wear glasses (correct that — I may need to ORDER glasses) for my trip out West, if I decide to drive (will write a post on the updates) — because right now I can’t see too great.

This is sad and it’s also quite ridiculous that I’m not wearing my contacts anymore.

But I really don’t feel like it.

And why am I not doing my exercises?  I have time to do it.  It’s only about 5-10 minutes a day – really not a big deal.  I just haven’t been feeling like it.

I have to laugh… again.  I’m really quite funny.  Tackling all this stuff at once.

Even the fact that I’m working on healing my eye sight it kind of funny and unconventional at that —

Oh well, that’s me 🙂

Part of my charm 🙂