May 20, 2013

Woke up really excited for my expo – and my talk.  Had a great dream about the whole experience.  This is what I wrote on Facebook….

Big day today!!! I’m excited! Pacing myself and resting before the event. Staying in communion with Nature and Spirit. Had a beautiful dream about the event right before I woke up that caused me to forget all the other dreams I had throughout the night. Can’t stop smiling. Got a beautiful message from my angels this morning, something I will keep reminding myself of throughout the day. Feeling very blessed to be where I am in my journey. Feeling very blessed to be who I am. Life is good. Thank you.

But then I started pulling cards and tapping into the energy and got scared.  All this chaotic energy came up and I wrote in my journal that I felt like I was going into an event where people were going to be tough and closed off…. It felt like Spirit was feeding me to sharks.  haha.

Then, I posted this on Facebook…

So many teachings and guidance coming through from Spirit for me today. I started off real happy and excited for the event, but after tapping into the energy and pulling some cards, my energy/excitement/enthusiasm started to plummet. This is a lesson for me, to stay in my own energy and be dedicated to my message and work. I am realizing more and more that as a Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Leader (and for those of you who are the same, this message is for you too and that’s why I’m sharing it here) that it’s not our job to convince people of what we believe in. We’re not here to “convert” people. That is not our mission. It’s not our job. Our job is also not to help people process through every single uncomfortable emotion. We’re not here to help them with every little step along the way. The information I share is so simple (in my eyes), so connected to the truth, that those who are in fear and old ways of thinking and paradigms sometimes get scared by it, resistant, and some want to debate me. I have been releasing that old way of being. That old way of helping someone through all their resistance, through their discomfort, so they can be in peace, happiness, and light. That is not my job and it is not your job (if you’ve been doing that over-giving too / trying to make everyone feel “okay”). As much as us Spiritual People, again Teachers, Healers, Leaders would like to be surrounded ourselves by smiling faces, supportive people, and those who “get” everything we say…I realize more and more that this is not the way. It is our job to just teach what we are there to teach and let those who resonate with it find their way to us. Our work and teachings is not needed around other “light”workers – it’s needed in the dark. It’s needed in places where people who are not in touch with their truth, those who are not yet awake, people who are not connected to the great power they possess, people who are not in touch with an easier way. It’s time for us to let go (or again, maybe it’s just me.. but I know if you follow my work that this speaks to you too) of that attachment to have crowds of people who love us, champion for us, people who believe the same way, etc… for if they believed the same way as you, then your work wouldn’t be needed, your job here would have gone away. What matters most at this time is that you know in your heart that you are speaking the truth and that the words you are saying are exactly what needs to be said. Detachment. Commitment to your Divine Mission. Trust. Faith. Belief. Self-love.

Then this came through…

I’m feeling better now. My strength and courage is back and I’m going to take a walk in nature. As I was getting ready to leave I noticed this HUGE LIZARD on my terrace. TREMENDOUS – BIGGER THAN I’VE EVER SEEN. And look at his beautiful message for me… (remember I posted that I had an incredible dream last night about my talk today) — Well, here’s his message to me. By the way, another incredible thing to note is that it’s 11:33 (there’s my numbers again!)

LIZARD MEDICINE is the shadow side of reality where your dreams are reviewed before you manifest them physically.

If you have a Lizard totem, listen to our own intuition above anyone else’s.
Pay attention to your dreams for they show us what we do not perceive when awake. Dreams are shadows showing your fears and hopes. Make a dream log and record your dreams. Look for your symbolic and reoccurring dreams and study them carefully.

Lizard can also teach you to become more detached in life.Sometimes it is necessary to separate yourself from others to accomplish what is necessary.
Lizard helps you awaken the ability for objective detachment. It can show you how to break from the past.

Beautiful message. Thank you Mr Lizard!!