April 29, 2013

My energy has changed.  Who I am has changed.  I’ve felt this in tinges over the last week — and more strongly yesterday and this morning as I wake up.

I am different now.  Feeling much more confident – sure of myself – in power – firmly grounded into Earth — powerful.

Making those videos over these last two weeks – especially this week – has really given me great power and knowing – and again, confidence in myself.

A much firmer feeling in this world.

Much more pride.

I feel so grateful for this.  I realize that when one is firmly planted into the Earth with confidence, they draw others to them.  That’s what I’ve been doing.

It also doesn’t really matter — all of that now.  I notice how the last two rounds of videos I’ve made not so many people remarked on them like my last ones.  But it doesn’t matter.

I know they are GOOD.  Solid.  And I feel powerful.



I am also getting confirmation and congrats from Spirit for that as well.

I also think what has helped me is the increase in my creativity — focusing more on nourishing myself by cooking for myself (yesterday I made Shrimp Paella for the first time and it was really good!), plus picked up more supplies to make my totem animals on wood.  I love it.

And yesterday, two snakes came to support me again.

I feel so loved!  I am so loved!

The snakes came to me via the internet — meaning there were pictures of them on websites.

I saw the first one on a web page — actually I think it was through my facebook feed and I said to myself, hmm… that’s interesting, is that a sign for me.  Is the snake sharing with me it’s medicine?

And yes, I thought maybe.

And then a few hours later someone else posted a snake picture.  Okay, I got it now, yes it’s a sign for me.  Thank you for sharing snake medicine with me.  Thank you for helping me.

I look at it this way — when you see a picture on the internet — or rather this is how it felt for me yesterday — seeing the picture on the internet, was softer medicine than how I usually stumble on them out in the world or in my dreams, when it’s dramatic and shocks/scares me.

So it was a lighter, softer way for me to get their support.

I’m grateful!

Life is good.  I’m excited for the day and what is to come from it.  🙂