June 15, 2013

So I had another good dream last night.  One of those dreams that you review what’s happening in your dream, before it happens in real life.

The reason I thought of that last sentiment was because I saw my bright green lizard again.  He’s so cute.  He was showing himself in a tree.  Just sitting there so I could see him and laugh.  It happened this morning and reminded me of his meaning and then reminded me of the dream I had last night.  … it was like connect the dots with all the occurrences 🙂

So the dream had to do with being given the opportunity to ask Anthony Robbins some questions.  I was all nervous, high pitched and quick to ask him questions because I knew I had limited time with him.

He made a joke, that I was a busy woman, referring to me speeding through asking him my questions.

I had a notepad / my journal with loads of notes scribbled in it.  I hurried to flip through it to find the 2 most important questions I wanted to ask him.  They had to be about being a big star, being on stage, helping people – things like that, I can’t remember specifics now.

Then I think I woke up – was like, that’s a cool dream and went back into it.

Anthony told me to slow down… now he was giving me tips on being on stage.

To widen my stance.  Take up space.  Take my place in the world.  Talk lower and slower.

It was great.  I was on stage with him and he was coaching me through — one on one personal help on how to be powerful.

Wow, 555 now.  CHANGE.  Yes, thank you.

So that was a great dream.  And then like I said, it became great again when I saw my lizard friend hanging out in the tree for me to see.  He must live in that tree.  Cute how he comes to visit me every other day or so.

But then I wake up and at times today feeling antsy again, bored again, and confused again, pleading with the Universe to please help me and show me the way.

I decided to go to the beach… which was another debate because gas money, etc…

I have to re-write up a master list of what I am desiring right now.

Because I do have around $4,000 but I still don’t feel secure.  So I need to make up a new list for the Universe of what I am desiring.  The job(s) came to me… within a few weeks when I became serious about it.  So now I need to be specific on the way I want money coming to me.

Actually as I write this I realize how cool this is…

I’m becoming more specific about my money…

I’m more knowledgeable about my money flow and about money (the topic)

And I write this all knowing it will happen since manifestations are happening quicker these days – and I also know that Spirit has delivered the jobs and other things I’ve been asking for…

So I’m going to write this up now.

I was upset about it in the car, but now I’m happy about it.  Excited.  Hopeful.  Inspired.