May 28, 2013

I was walking Magic last night and thanking Spirit for providing me with money – my bills paid, etc.

Which is a concern, or rather on my mind just a little here and there — but feels more like something real vague, an illusion.

I do have the money and I’m going to cash out my IRA account but I’d like to start producing income again from my business.

I said yesterday morning I wonder who my next paying client will be – and that friend/healer / colleague that I was thinking about the other day who takes donations contacted me to work with her.

Wow, that was fast.

At the time I didn’t realize it was a quick manifestation like that.

Then when I was walking Magic outside I was asking for more confidence in my services, what I provide and the prices.  I notice how I have confidence and then it will wane at times.  I want to have that feeling all the time.

So as I was walking around expressing gratitude, a girl started talking to me about what I do.

And there I was able to “practice” sharing with her my prices, etc.

Again, I didn’t realize it right then, but instant manifestation.  Or 5 minute delay.  It happened right away that the Universe brought me someone — an answer to my prayers.

So really I need to just go to a networking event and get comfortable talking to people about my work.  I’ve been feeling this push to go out to a networking event for weeks but I’ve been avoiding it. Not in the mood when it comes time to go.  But I will go this time.  That’s how I’ll feel more upbeat and confident all the time – put me around people, talking.

In my mind, I get weary.

Last night I made up a song wondering who my next student will be.

PS:  The healer that I mentioned above said she was impressed at what I was charging per hour and wanted to do a trade.  At first I was thinking, hmm… what do I need healing work with?  But then I said, no, I’m not doing that.  Funny how our mind goes to accommodate another person / let them call the shots.  But I wrote her back, I don’t need healing work right now.  Here’s the link to purchase a session.  (In different wording, etc I’m summarizing here) — but anyway, she didn’t sign up.  So my thought is she still has negative money thoughts going around as well as she’s really not making as much money as she was sharing with me before.  I wasn’t asking for a money amount, but if she’s making more, then she should be able to invest whatever. So I’m not going to get into it, cause I’m focusing on cleaning up my energy more and more about money… I just thought it was interesting that just the day before she was sharing how donations are working for her, how she’s making more money — but then she contacts me and only wants to or only can work for donation.  Interesting..  Everyone’s on their own path with this.  Very nice 🙂