March 11, 2013.

Noticing my conflicting thoughts.

1 – I like working individually with people the best

2 – I want to be able to offer more time to people when they are going through deep healing and have issues come up.  I’d like to be able to support them more.  Offer them more.

3 – BUT, this causes fears and thoughts / concerns to come up for me, cause then I think. “Oh my g-d, it’s too expensive now”

Because obviously if I am offering more time, I am charging more money.

Now I feel bad for my client, cause I have thoughts of “who has the money for this” — which yes, I know is my own limiting belief.

But I also start thinking, “I wouldn’t be able to pay that…” and wonder, “would I pay that for healing?”

So that’s my consumer side of it.  Although then I think, well I am helping them clear and heal such deep core wounds that once they are cleared up they’ll never have to deal with it again.  This brings in more happiness, peace, and calm into their lives.  More of them living the life of their dreams.

So it’s worth it.

But I’m not totally convinced, and I have work to do on my thoughts, to bring myself up to another level.

4 – Then there’s me as a person and business person.  I want to honor my gift, and that means charging for the additional time and support I am giving them.  It makes me totally NOT feel good if I think of giving more support and sessions and NOT charging anything additional for it.

So these two thoughts are in conflict.

People make things more affordable by doing group coaching…. as well as coaching two people at the same time, but I don’t like either of those.

When I help people heal they are going through their own stuff at their own time.  Although people may be going through similar stuff, I don’t feel connected and personal enough when I’m doing it in a group.  Plus you need a bunch of people signing up at the same time, and that doesn’t work for me right now.

So say for example — just throwing a number out there — healing work with me is $2,000 a month. Do I feel comfortable charging this?  What would make me comfortable charging this?

I also think of people I know who have a lot of money, disposable income, and they are bargain shoppers.  But also they are not into self growth and healing so they wouldn’t value this anyway.

Hmm… I have to stop focusing on what my clients or other people would say.  Remember, you gotta NOT be concerned what others think/say.

And I need to just focus on myself, what I want to offer, and then clearing and healing the thoughts that are in my way.

I know a solution will come and I know this confusion is serving me at this time, I know I am guided.