March 27, 2014

First off I will just say that I don’t use that word — alien.  I think it’s disrespectful.  I like calling them beings from another planet/dimension.

And, since I made this video today — it ends up that I think I’m a being from another planet as well.  After I made this video I connected again and got more information.

I’m starting to think that Indigos (which I am) and Crystal children, which I’ve been meeting some lately and been totally captivated by them are hybrids.  I think that means half human and half being from another planet/dimension.

Before I go any further, here’s my video.


So I am starting to see how all my experiences this past month have been connected….

The parallel lives dream…

The flowing (different way of) channeling info when I did a 1/2 day intensive with my student.

The experience I had two nights ago with a blending of timelines — having my period with intense cramps, but also feeling that i was giving birth.

The desire I’ve been having to jump timelines — going into a parallel life where I am rich and famous and doing what I always saw myself doing here, being the person I always saw…

And the connection to the reptiles (lizards) I’ve been seeing…. alive and then dead.

As well as the dragonflies (I think I read somewhere that those come from another dimension as well) — again, seeing loads alive and then dead.

And the feeling of having children around me, which I was assuming they were my soon-to-be children — which I still think they are, but I’m also thinking they are going to be crystal children (which would be considered a hybrid, like me /// I’m an indigo — and I think we’re from another dimension / planet / Extraterrestrial)

I think my boredom has opened the space for my mind to be open to this new information….

It’s created a desire to want to escape, since again I’ve been speaking and feeling a lot that I’m “in prison” — I don’t know why someone would do that to themselves — what I did to myself… but its’ how I feel a lot, being in my apartment all the time and only taking walks around the area — loss of interest in everything around here…

As well as opened me up to all these new experiences.

Oh and of course tied into Illuminati research and somehow that brought me deeper into spirituality — and the shift of consciousness and reality in our world – and the fear people have about reptilians and “aliens” running the government and so on..

It’s really quite interesting and crazy.

I also see that this is where I have been having to trust my guides, that they’d never put in me harms way.

Before I tried to connect with my friend, the being from another planet today after the video I was crying, scared — and they said, you see, here’s where you trust…. it was fear of being out of control, being in the unknown, fear that way.

And this also brought up a new — well actually an old thought pattern — that here I am, now connecting with “aliens” and why is it that I get introduced to these things…. how to attract the one… twin flame… healing relationship patterns…. becoming enlightened… and now alien stuff… and the question of when will it be enough?  When will I reach that fame and fortune I so desire… that others start channeling angels…. or channeling aliens… or talking about the illuminati… or twin flames… and that’s it for them – bam! that’s there thing… and for me, it’s more and more and more.

Spirit says, I just have more talents.  More gifts to remember.

So it’s an exciting day but also maybe anti-climatic.

I don’t know what to think.

So I try not to think anything.

I think I must be tired.

It’s been an eventful two weeks — but not in the “eventful” I’ve been wanting… asking for… and you all know what that is — tv job and move.

But again, when it’s time, it’ll be time.

I am grateful for this new stuff that’s opened, although I really have no idea where it leads.

Again, I’m just tired today…

It’s been a long journey.