June 26, 2013

So I’m at this point that I need to 1 – register another copyright — this new idea.

2 – I have a desire to speak to this consultant to get help on my pitch (which I don’t think I need so much since I have that tv exec connection and get inspiration when I speak to him) — but maybe she’d be good to help me find other execs to talk to.  I wonder if I need to go with someone else…

3 – The issue here is this credit / the role of creator, host, and consulting producer.  That’s where I find my issue of trust has to do with this tv exec.

Since he said to me the other day that that’s a business decision… not his about the consulting producer credit… then that’s where the pause is for me.

Maybe I should just ask him what he thinks my way of presenting that — handling that is.

Because otherwise, we’re good.

He’s not lying to me saying he can do something which he can’t.

And for me that’s where my interest lies.

So now I feel I need to sort this out in order to move forward….

Yea.  Maybe I’ll just email him and see what he says about this.  Get his advice.