April 11, 2013

I’m moving on.  One way this is happening in the physical realm is that I changed my personal FB page to a follow page.

I wrote this email to some of my private students and other students who learn from me in others ways:

Hi. Just wanted to let you know I’ve changed things on my FB page and am only using it for business, so only the “follow” option in enabled. I’m sending you a note cause I didn’t want you to take it personally and think I unfriended you and am mad at you or something.

That’s it.

Putting up more boundaries between student and me.

I was going through this battle for awhile with Facebook, being “friends” with people, me seeing them as potential students and them seeing me as a real live friend.

That’s not why I’m on Facebook and it’s not why I’m out in the world right now.

I am making friends my own way, out and about when I do activities around town.

Everything else falls into acquaintance mode, friendly mode, or whatever.

I was telling myself I had to be more patient, more understanding of people, again, more patient.  Give people a chance to warm up to me, what I’m teaching, and then eventually they’ll come around.

This is the “waiting” thing I was doing… with my mother (past life stuff and current life stuff), with my ex, and with my students.

This pattern is over now.  Hopefully.  Well, I see it so I am clearing it up.

So thankful for this.

Now I don’t try to work on people.  I don’t try to baby them.  Butter them up.  Befriend them and try to soothe them and their fears / concerns about growth and healing.  I DON”T TRY TO CONVINCE THEM.

That’s it.

I share who I am.  I offer my services.  I am unattached.  I give them my information.  If they’d like to come and learn from me then this is up to them to be hungry for it and to sign up for sessions, classes, programs, etc.

I am not replying to Facebook messages – well at least not most of them.

This is who I am.  If you want more attention from me.  If you want to learn from me.  Well, then you need to take a step forward and sign up.


It sounds like the most obvious thing.

And I was making myself wrong for being hurt or being too sensitive when I would see their posts on Facebook and I would see them complaining and moreover feel their sad energy and I would wonder, why aren’t they fixing this?  Why aren’t they coming to an event or doing a program?

Who the fuck cares.

That’s there business.

Not mine.

That’s a boundary issue.

And the way I solved this is by making my page to a “follow”

That’s it.

That’s why I did Facebook and now I changed it to reflect that.

I am all business on there.  Cause it is business and that’s what I’m on  there for.  I’m allowed to use FB like that.  That’s it.  End of story.

Honoring who I am and my feelings rather than telling myself I am wrong.

I’m done babying people.  I fucking hate it.  It pisses me off.  Makes me hate them.  Makes me pity them.  Puts me in a position that I’m looking down on them.  Gives me anger.  Gives me resentments.  Just fuck it all.  I’m stopping that.

That’s not who I want to be.

They are responsible for themselves.  They are capable.

Let them do whatever they want in their lives.

That’s it.  End of story.

I’m leaping forward.

PS:  Did I tell you that Spirit told me to paint a frog and write on it “I’m leaping forward” — this was about a week ago (?) – I’m planning on painting it today.  I’ve been delaying with it.  But will make time tonight!

PSS:  The other thing that’s great about this is 1 — it stops with the distractions of friend requests

2 – stops with the feeling bad when I don’t accept a friend request because they are just someone I had a brief conversation with on FB — but I feel bad that I’m hurting their feelings by not accepting them as a friend

3 – it stops students from pulling on my energy (the ones who were) – and stops me from picking up on their emotions…. as well as emotions from people who I don’t even know and who are not even my paying students, but again we simply has some FB interaction and I feel their energy towards me which again is usually triggered energy.



And it feels really good!!!