November 26, 2012

I’m moving into a place of enlightenment and it feels freakin’ amazing.  I know that sounds like a bold statement – the “moving into enlightenment” bit – and that’s what I thought when the words first came to me about a week ago.  I said, hold up, that’s ego!  But upon further inquiry I realized that those words came from my knowing place – my intuition.

Wow.  A place of enlightenment.  An enlightened being.  Pretty freakin’ amazing.

I never thought an enlightened being would look like me.  Shouldn’t I be some guru (hehe, that was such a slip, but how funny is, what a nice little joke and sign from Spirit) 🙂  Shouldn’t I be living in some mountaintop and meditating all day long.  Shouldn’t I be some Saint.  Some holy person?  Shouldn’t I this… shouldn’t I that.

And the answer is nope.  Not needed.  And here you are.  This is where you are going.

That’s pretty cool.  I don’t know all that is involved with “being enlightened” but I think it just means having deep awareness.  Seeing through patterns and people’s wounding and having the knowing on how to move them (and yourself) through it.  And yes, I have that.

I also think it means moving into a place of experiencing Heaven on Earth.  I’ve written about this before and yes, I think it’s this experience.  Things manifesting easier.  Faster.  With higher frequency, for your greatest good, to support your divine mission.

It feels fantastic, and I’m not there yet, but I am sure I am moving to that position.

I have been clearing core issues for several years ago and this past week was the big bang.  The final clearing.  I felt it while it was happening.  I knew it when it was happening.  It was a clearing and a hearing and an asserting of my power when it came to my intimate relationship (with my ex), my family relationship (with my parents), as well as with my business.

Totally amazing.

Here’s a video I made on it.  I’m going to put it out into the world later today or tomorrow. 🙂  Amazing.  I’m so in love.