May 22, 2013

5-22 at 8:33PM  Playing with the numbers still.  They show up everywhere.  Still figuring them all out what they mean.  Noticing the number combinations.

I had a few days of sadness and laying around too tired to do anything.

Now, at night – just like last night I’m feeling back in the saddle.  Ready to go, good to go.  I move forward.  Forward towards my desires.  I want this, I will have it.

I have been praying for Spirit to bring me another speaking opportunity.  I am ready for another one.  Sure my words felt jumbled at times during the talk.  The start and stop with people interjecting, but I get back out there again.  I’m ready — ready to do more.

And I just started reading my TV books again.  I am moving forward with this.  Going to start writing up pitches.  Ideas for TV I want to develop.  Projects where I am the talent, as well as the creator and contributing producer.  Yes, I want it all.  I will have it all.  My creativity is bursting.

I also emailed the TV exec I spoke to last week — never heard back from him, when it sounded like we made plans to talk this Monday… but anyway, I cleared my energy about that, emailed him and asked him for a manager recommendation.

I wrote a very nice email saying that I didn’t hear from him and I guess that means he can’t think of a match for me and that’s totally okay — and when he does have a project that he knows my number.

He wrote back that that’s not true and that he was going to circle back around with me in June, right now he’s preparing for tv pitches the first week of June.

That’s cool, I told him.  And still asked him for manager recommendations 🙂  That’s awesome.

Keep it moving forward.

I’m doing this now — and for real.  Yes!

PS:  Was walking Magic at last night and accidentally stepped on a snail.  So sad.  I felt really bad. Apologized to the poor guy.  I felt sooo bad.  I was thinking about what it meant and I realized tonight that it’s a breaking of my shell.  There’s no more going back and hiding inside my shell.  It’s time for me to be out there.  My protective shell is broken.  Time to be out and shine.  YES.

PSS:  Saw a HUGE bufo toad tonight.  TREMENDOUS.  I’m leaping forward.  Yep.  (Ahh, love it!  Just after I wrote this, something I’m listening to, the person said “LEAP” — yep.  Awesome, great confirmation!!) Thank you!