February 25, 2013

I’ve been watching a lot of movies.  Actually, I always do.  I never officially have called myself this, but I think I am a bit of a movie buff.

I love watching them, I love thinking about them, I love critiquing them.  Hey, maybe I’ll join a movie critique group!  (For real… now that I’m thinking about it)

I also love watching the special features.  You know, the parts afterwards where they have special interviews or director/writer commentary.  I just can’t get enough — and many times I’ll re-watch the whole movie again to hear what they were thinking.  I love when they walk me through it, it makes the whole movie so much better.

So here’s the deal — lately as I’ve been watching these interviews I’ve been thinking, I should be doing this — I could be doing this — – I should be the one talking, sharing my process.

And that’s been an interesting thought.  I’ve always been one to fantasize and work in TV, but never really considered movies.

But now I am considering them.  I can see myself hanging out with these people.  These people are my people.  They are creative – – and they are writers.


I’m a writer.

I can write for movies.  I can write my own movies.  Actually, I think I am — with my books.

Heck, today I was even thinking I could act in my own movies.  Why NOT?

I love these thoughts.  Not sure where they are taking me, but I love having them hang around, playing in my mind.