February 24, 2014

Wow, what a day.  A very busy day — unexpectedly busy.

I woke up and Spirit told me to rest.

Then I had the idea to start packing up my trunk.  To take all the boxes I have and to lay them out in the car and see how many and which ones I could fit and then I’d pack up accordingly.

So I started doing that.  And it was great fun.  GREAT, GREAT fun.

Forward movement.

Then I was looking at this electronic equipment I had and I thought — why don’t I sell it.  I don’t need it.  I used it once.

Then I got the idea to call the store and see if they’d buy it back.  They said yes.

It’s weird that only certain ideas come to you when you’re ready to receive them.

I’ve been storing that electronic equipment for close to 3-4 years.  Crazy.  Just sitting there doing nothing.

So as I was driving there I passed a CARMAX.  Which is a car place that buys back cars.

Interestingly enough I was just talking to my car guy about that place and asked how long the quote is good for.

So I took that as a sign and I went there on the way back.

But right as I passed the place I saw $555 on a billboard.  Which I found hilarious, cause that’s the 555 number again.

Then right after that I saw 777 on a license plate.

All in a matter of 3 minutes or less. It was incredible.

So I got my car quote which was too low, but while I was there Dr Phil was on and he was covering / interviewing people from…. drum roll please… a criminal case.  A trial.  And reporting from a prison.  CRAZY, right?  There’s that criminal / trial again.  And prison theme.

Then when I was driving back I saw 777 on a license plate again.  I think it may have been the same person’s car.  Still crazy and really what are the odds!

So it’s this week.  It feels like this week – the move.

I’m all ready.  Clearing out the last of my cupboards and releasing more and more items.  It’s amazing how much I’ve released with this transition.

I’m good with driving to Atlanta.  As that’s where it feels I’m moving.  I’m excited about it too.

8 hours.

And also that was another sign — right before I saw all those signs while driving – the radio personality was telling a story about Justin Bieber wanting to move to a suburb of Atlanta (!!)  There it is ATLANTA.

So I was excited and yelling in the car === Ok Spirit, I’m ready.  Bring it in the physical!


We’ll see… I’ll keep you posted.

This is exciting!