May 24, 2013

Today I got the CD with my photos from the Singles Event I spoke at

I posted it on my Facebook.

Here’s the link to my blog where it is

I will post the pictures here:

Workin’ the table



There she is


Manifestation Mobiles

DSC_0006 DSC_0009 DSC_0017 DSC_0023

Spoke in front of a crowd of 30 at the Singles Event Boca Raton FLDSC_0060 DSC_0076

Great question!

Do you know that you’re supposed to STAY SINGLE for A PERIOD OF TIME(!!) after you get out of a relationship??

It amazes me how many people start dating right after a breakup. WHAT? No way. That’s a recipe for disaster.

DSC_0083a DSC_0091 DSC_0100

The Love Guru gives it straight, no chaser


So here’s the thing.

Remember how I was upset after this event?  Overwhelmed.  Tossed and turned.

Well, I got over it.

And you will have to too.

You have to get up and get back out there.

And keep showing yourself to the world.

You keep moving.  You ground, you process, then you put yourself back out there.

And I’m good now.

Real good.

I also just got another invite to a speaking / exhibiting gig.  I don’t know all the details right now, but it happened today.

You get your butt back out there.

And when you put stuff on Facebook… limited thoughts may come up.

Here’s what mine were…

It was a small crowd, just 30.  I felt embarrassed.  It’s not good enough.  Not big.

But screw that.  It’s a start.  You start somewhere – you get comfortable and it grows from there.

That’s it.  End of story.

So I posted the pictures.

But also, remember I didn’t like my outfit.

Oh well, I got over that too.

No big deal.  One outfit doesn’t define me and it doesn’t look as “bad” as I was making it out to be in my head.  Sure it could be better.  I have since pulled it together better.  I have a clearer vision and it’s all good.  Lesson learned.  Purpose served.

It’s all good.

Then the limiting thought is what that no one will “like” my photos.  Usually my people are quiet.  They don’t like to be seen.  They don’t comment on my stuff that much.  They don’t “like” much.  They’re real quiet.

I won’t look cool.

Won’t look popular.

Again, who cares.

I’m doing this.

Doing this now.

It doesn’t matter what other people “like” or “comment” on, I’m still going.  Still moving forward and doing this.

And you will get to this point too.

You just keep moving forward.

Taking risks.

Clearing away old programming.

Just let it all go.

Let it all go.

It’s not needed anymore.