January 4, 2013

So today I’m sitting and watching a film on Dr King.  I’m also going to go through some of the books I got and some online resources that the library has in their resource section.

Here are some thoughts and realizations I’ve been having in watching this film about him…

1 – First off, I am partly enjoying this – very interested… but the other side of me (small irritations) is my mind saying, “What are you doing?  You’re wasting your time… this is what you’re doing with your day?”  I said this to Dr King, “What am I doing?” and he said “You’re learning about me!”  I thought it was funny… maybe you had to be here 🙂

2 – I am hearing some of his speeches and yes, he was definitely a healer.

3 – I haven’t been able to find much info just yet about HIS OWN MINDSET, you know, how you are reading here on my blog – what I think about myself and what I think about the world and my journey to power 🙂 (yes I did just say that) 🙂 and this is what I really want to hear about Dr King.  His personal thoughts about the people in his life and his journey doing his divine mission.  I am providing here through this blog and also throughout my whole life even with www.marryblaire.com journey when I shared that, what I’ve been unable to find from other greats of our time.

4 – Gandi and Jesus were huge influencers of Dr King.  They seem to know that about him (the historians) — so it’s clear to me that these greats… these Ascended Masters were working through  him.  Just like now he’s working through me…. beautiful!  (I’ve tapped into and worked with Jesus before as well… but I’ve been more personal and more drawn to Mother Mary – worked with her for awhile — and Moses during this time as well on and off — and now Dr King…. also Mary Baker has been with me, she’s a great healer) this is all amazing.  (which I’m reminded again, I’ve been urged to learn more about Mary Baker for over a year now and I haven’t… okay, marking my calendar.  I need to go to the church she founded and learn more there… writing it down in my calendar right now as this urging comes up so much and I just keep doing nothing about it!!

5 – He had great passion like I do.

6 – It seems like he was doing his work and happened to meet the “right” people who had the same thoughts as him and then he seemed to be elected to be the head of this civil rights movement organization, that gave him the ability to lead.

7 – When he first got out of ministry school or whatever it was called he applied to be a head of some religious college and he wasn’t given the job because the person hiring said they didn’t think he was powerful to lead…. interesting how then he became such a famous huge figure leading the civil rights movement

8 – As he was speaking about de-segregation – another leader, Malcolm X was speaking out against his beliefs.  So here, even though he was coming up on the scene he had a really big leader opposed to him.

9 – He was a powerful orator.  This is what everyone keeps saying about him in this video.  This is true.  You can feel his power when he speaks.  I feel this is my gift too.  I see how I am tapping more into it now with that last video I made

10 – I’m going to write up my speeches each time I do them before I make a video.  This is the message that came to me to do before my 7 Day Violence Detox video and I’m going to look at each video like this — one) prepare a speech, write it down  two) look at this is the way I am talking to my people.

11 – I can’t help but wonder how Martin Luther King or any of these great Masters would have acted and been if they lived now, in this time of technology.  This is an re-occuring question on my mind today and yesterday.  I do feel that I am a 21st Century Master & Leader.  I will use technology (I think mostly my videos / TV / Radio) to be powerful.  I have to think about this more… 🙂

12 – Regarding writing speeches… I’ve always liked doing this.  Doing my research to make my case and interestingly enough or “by coincidence” as people would say… but this we can see as steps preparing us for our journey / divine mission here on Earth… I’ve taken a nice amount of classes about preparing speeches and presenting.  I’m a really good presenter, powerful, again if I put time and energy into it and stay in my power.  I’m making a mental note of this.

13 – King got shot.  We all know this.  This makes me uneasy.  Stirs up past life stuff.  Fears of becoming too powerful.  I may need to call one of my healers to help clear these thoughts and memories.  They talk about how King was more powerful in death.  Same concerns come up…

14 – King died at 39.  It seems like around my age he came to the peak of his power.


I am now going through some of the books I have…

1 – There are some quotes from him and his wife in this book.  I’m going to see if I can get the biography of his wife, written by her.  Doesn’t look like Dr King wrote a biography about himself, died too young.  In there there’s a quote saying on how his call to the ministry was not some supernatural thing… he felt an inner calling to go… to serve humanity.

So here, this tells me that he always knew he was here for something special.  I have always had this too.

2 – His birthday is coming up soon.  January 15th.  I wonder what will happen in my life at that time.  I feel something special will happen… I’m exciting.  Also I find it interesting that he’s a capricorn.  I have a capricorn rising, just like him.  He was born 6 months before me (different year of course)… but my birthdate is July 16th.  I think there’s some significance there…. also I want to note here, as it’s in my mind, another great Master, Mary Baker, who’s not as well known as Dr King, but another Master guiding me has the same birthdate as me.  I think this is a pretty big deal as well.

3 – Gandhi had a law degree…. King thought about going to Law School…. I was just posting about this the other day as well.

4 – I like this quote he said,

“When you are aware that you are a symbol, it causes you to search your soul constantly – to go through this job of self analysis, to see if you live up to the high and noble principles that people surround you with, and to try at all times to keep the gulf between the public self and the private self at a minimum”

5 – It mentions several times that King would pray to g-d for courage and direction.  G-d kept telling him to share the truth (amongst other things).  I resonate with all of this.

6 – I found a book written by his wife, I need to find this book from the library or order it.

So I’m going to end this post here, I know it’s a long one.  I find myself like a detective wanting to track down more of this information but also keep hearing my mind say, you’re not interested in this violence topic and wondering what’s going on here….

But I do get it, at the core, this is a teaching about LOVE.

That’s what I do, and that’s what I’m here for.

I don’t feel passionate about violence… I really don’t even know why I did that 7 Day Violence Detox video… well, I did it cause I was guided to do it.  But aren’t you to do things that mean a lot to you?  I sure as hell sounded in that video like it did mean a lot to me.  Hmm… okay, not going to analyze, just letting my heart lead.

7 – Main thing here, everything about Dr King is about doing a MOVEMENT.  That has always been a key word for me, years ago – when I did marryblaire.com and when it got out.  I always saw that as a movement, a movement to changing the way people date and look for a mate… the truth of how to find love / the “One”  (again a connection here with Truth like Dr King) – plus our connection with having strong faith and lots of courage (People tell me I have loads of courage and that they admire it all the time)

8 – At the core of it Dr King was a teacher as well.  Teaching people about equality, doing what was right and in integrity – the truth.  As I write this, 555 appears.  Very nice.

555 — Buckle your seatbelts. A major life change is upon you. This change should not be viewed as being “positive” or “negative” since all change is but a natural part of life’s flow. Perhaps this change is an answer to your prayers, so continuing seeing and feeling yourself to be at peace.

9 – As you go through the biography info, King actually had a lot of people against what he spoke about.  It becomes more real as you read through each incident.  He had to be very strong to go against that.

It’s at the core of what we talk about here on this blog…. dealing with criticism, having strength in yourself, knowing your gift, doing your divine purpose.

10 – He clearly knew he had a purpose in this life and that g-d was guiding him constantly.  That’s why it’s so key you develop this relationship with yourself and spirit and HEAL yourself, because as you heal your guidance becomes clearer and less interference by your wounding

11 – King had bouts of depression, many times had trouble taking care of himself he was a workaholic and lacked rest, and also in the later years of his life had issues with self doubt.  King had a troubled marriage, his wife was known to resent that he was gone all the time and that she had to raise the kids on her own.  It sounds like he had a lonely life as well – he was noted saying that although he was constantly surrounded by people he had few close friends and wanted people around him that he could discuss his deepest feelings and weaknesses.

I love when you get the more behind the scenes of great leaders, makes them more real.



Another quote…

“Power, properly understood, is the ability to achieve purpose.  It is the strength required to bring about social, political, or economic changes.  In this sense power is not only desirable but necessary in order to implement the demands of love and justice… What is needed is a realization that power without love is reckless and abusive, and that love without power is sentimental and anemic”