July 7, 2013

I wake up with more compassion guidance from Spirit.  It makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong.  It’s been hard for me to have compassion for others when they have really been upsetting me.

I ignore the comments on Twitter, but then feel annoyed that they are “allowed” to say something rude to me and I can’t talk back.

But then I reply and I feel shitty.  There’s no winning.

But this message of compassion, Spirit ensures me (was reading a message) is towards myself.

I’m not quite clear what that means.

They tell me to again, slow down and listen to what the guides, AA, and AM have to say to me.  That I’ve asked for their help, now listen.

There’s this part of me that thinks, what’s the point.  There’s no point in this.  My videos will barely be watched, I’ll go from this message to a new one, when will I land on what I am to talk about in this world, what I’ll be known for?

Spirit tells me that this is it.  EMPOWERMENT.  That the things / events I talk about will change, but for me, in this lifetime it always comes back to empowerment.  That was the message from last night.

Today I listen.

Today I am studying.  History of Political Correctness, Cultural Marxism, etc.

I keep hearing:  The system is out of balance now.  Blacks are too powerful.  It went from not having a say, to whites being afraid of them and letting them have all the say.  The threats, the protests, and now this double standard – it’s okay with them being racist, calling us racial slurs, and we get reprimanded (no coincidence that Paula Deen was so publicly villified) but yet we have Jeantel on the stand and then reporters backing her up that “cracka” is not racist.  What a fucking joke.  Her ignorance is excusable?  Looked over… where we have Paula Deen as saying that she didn’t mean anything by it either and she’s ostracized.  How terrible.  But also great to prove a point.

I feel pressure in proving this point skillfully when I make my video.

I also know that this “out of balance” message is extreme and one where black people will fight against.

I may be looked at as crazy.

And that’s why it’s important for me to “sit” on it a bit longer.  This “out of balance” message has been coming for 2-3 days now.  That’s Martin’s work through me.

He wanted equality, not superiority.

I know even whites may fight me on this.  Defending black people and how they are still the minority/not treated right.

I guess I can only present the info, get people to think about it…

People — whites — are so sensitive to the black plight that they’ve totally abandoned standing up for their own race.

So many videos found on YouTube “to my black people” — “to all my black people” – “power to my black people” – things like that.

It’s considered taboo for me, which I’ve been thinking about, to make a video — “to my white people” — looked at as taboo, Klu Klux Klan mentality.  Crazy.  But it does make sense.  I still sit on the message….

I’ll watch the videos today..

Watch and listen.

((  Martin Luther King was seeking equality, not superiority — what a great line, just came to me ))