June 23, 2013

So I seem to feel the best when I am doing clutter clearing.

It’s incredible how this apartment is in pretty good shape, what looks like not a lot of “stuff” yet for the last maybe 6 months it’s been this constant urge to clear out stuff.

Now it’s been increasing more and more.

I just did a massive clear.

Now Spirit is telling me more stuff to clear.

It’s been some clothes lately.  Just throwing things out “I’m not going to take that to LA with me… forget about it.

And after this post that’s what I’m going to do… go through more of my clothes.

Today I cleared a lot more books.

I know I will be going through the rest of my stack to clear more as the days come.

It’s interesting.  Because the other day when I was at UHaul and they were saying I could take a 10ft truck — which basically means I could take whatever I want with me…. I was totally repulsed at that idea.

Don’t want to take certain — or rather many — old stuff into my new life.

More and more shedding.

It’s really incredible to watch this process and I’m grateful that I’m going about it gracefully, layer by layer, rather than all at once.

I’m also going to put my patio table up for sale.  And my furniture dresser.

I know that one sounds crazy — but where will you put your clothes?  And you’re using it now for your oracle cards and to put stuff on it… and you have stuff in it, and it looks cleaner to have things in a drawer than in a box or on the floor… what are you doing?

But again it feels right.  Sell it all.

Maybe with the extra time to sell stuff I’m able to get a higher price for items?  To casually and comfortably sell each item.  That makes me think to put things at a higher price than what I was originally thinking of.  I’m not sure really….

I guess that also makes me think that I’m moving sooner than I thought.  Like, maybe I will be ready to move when my lease is up next month…. BUT they require 60 days notice so I’m still not sure what’s going on with that.

More neighbors are moving out…

The lovely couple from a spanish speaking country is in the process of moving out.

They sold their car and their bed board.

I feel I’m one of the people moving out now too….

Again, step by step.

For some reason — well I guess my personality — Spirit is taking it easy with me, step by step, releasing items.

Okay — back to looking over stuff.

The thing that strikes me most today is the clothes element of it.

Just releasing these items I used to wear a lot that I can’t see myself AT ALL wearing in my new life.

Interesting 🙂

It’s fun too.

PS:  Another “BEE” just came into my life.  Really incredible.  I have to thank the BEES for their medicine.  Helping me at this time.  Twice in one day.  This time through an email announcing a new meetup called something — and they shortened it as B.E.E.  Hilarious!