April 22, 2013

So I make a video.  I’m guided to make videos it seems like every other day these days.  I want to share.  I want to be seen.

But then I make a video, upload it and then put it on Facebook and I have mixed emotions.

I know these mixed emotions aren’t helping me.  They are working in opposite directions of what I desire.

I desire my TV job.  I desire more clients.  I’m not sure about my book being published these days… the TV job is top on my desire list these days… but anyway, I put this up and then the mixed emotions hit.

The fear.

Am I sharing too much?

Giving too much info?

I don’t want to over-give and then get mad again.

I don’t want to put out so much information and then regret it — again.

I don’t want to put out information and then ruin my chances of attracting more paying students.  Like if they are getting free stuff from me, then they won’t feel the pull to pay?

These were all things I went through before.

The fear is of going back there.  And I don’t want to go back to there again.

But this is different.  This is the new me.  Just having the caution, the awareness, and the experience of the past will protect me from going there again.

Just breathe.  Relax.  Ask the angels to release the fear.  Meditate.  Spend more time in nature.

I am safe.  This is not the past.  This is the now.

Let’s keep moving forward.

PS:  I will tell you that I have been getting a lot more feedback than I’ve ever gotten.  A lot more love, a lot more emails saying “I love your videos” and thank you for sharing that – and “IT SO RESONATED WITH ME” — that feels good.  I’ve never gotten than from my videos and my posts before.  Except for my blog… but still, people were more quiet.  Now they are talking to me.  Now they are appreciating me.  Now I feel loved, supported, I feel safe….er.

Thank you.  Yes, see, things are different.  You are okay.  You are safe.