November 10, 2012

I usually post my blog posts and videos on my two Facebook pages (one “personal” and one business – although they are both business) as well as in several Facebook groups.  For over a week now Spirit keeps telling me… as I post in the other groups… “mine is good enough.”

Mine is good enough.  I go out of my way (it only takes around 5 minutes) to post in other people’s groups my material, I feel funny when I post this material.  I don’t know if I feel funny as in insecure about my stuff or funny as in I am picking up the group owners bad vibes that they don’t want me posting my business stuff in their group.  I’ve spent about a week having this thought come in and out of my mind.  I can’t seem to figure out if it’s my insecurities…. my fear of being rejected… or just a feeling of stick to my own people.  Promote to my own people.  Don’t fall into that whole thing of “I need more and more” mentality or feeling like “mine is NOT good enough” because I don’t get a lot of “likes” and “shares” on my Facebook page.

But I’m trying it… at least for the next few days.

Mine is good enough.

My Facebook pages are good enough.

An email to my mailing list is good enough.

And that’s it.

Keeping the energy focused on me.  Keeping my foundation strong.  I don’t need to go outside of “my stuff” to get attention, praise, students, spread the word, etc.  Focus on mine.

In life we always have such an outward focus.  Always watching what the next guy is doing.  Always thinking that maybe the grass is greener (i.e, “maybe if I post in someone else’s group that will be better…”) but I think it’s time for me to stop that.

Focus on my resources.  Stay grounded and rooted in my own treasure.  Mine is good enough.