January 14, 2013

So as I’ve been sharing that I have been entering back into the mainstream, more pieces to the puzzle are (possibly) being uncovered.

I was out eating dinner with my mom and talking about wanting more speaking gigs.

I was off on this frustration/ complaining thing and going around in circles… about meetup groups and spiritual people and non-spiritual people and on and on.

I wasn’t really making sense, but my mom was kindly trying to follow my train of thought.

Anyway, she started talking about breaking things down to be real simple.  Not getting so deep and doing events in club type environments.

Now before you go rolling your eyes… cause I’ll admit I was a bit closed off to this at first, let me tell you something.

I recently re-signed up for meetup.

I put up all the event’s info and was ready to go BUT then later today got a message from meetup saying that I violated their promotion rule (I think I can’t post the like to my services or some crap like that) and they deleted my account and refunded my money.

End of story.

Now this is the 2nd time they’ve done this to me.  They did it the last time I tried to put up my meetup group as well – except for the last time I re-did the meetup group minus the promotional link and then they let me launch the group

This time I decided to PAUSE.

Okay, this is telling me something.  I went through the effort to put up the group last time, they deleted my account and refunded money, I persevered and put it up again and what happened?  Crappy signups happened.  People came then didn’t come, then 1 or 2 people came and nothing.  Group sessions turned into one on one sessions and at first this was okay (hey, after all I was helping someone) but then turned into annoyance as I was starting to do one on one work for a very small fraction of my regular rate.

Then I was annoyed about people in South Florida, how they don’t come out to events, and how I don’t get it and on and on.  I went through two cycles with this already… so this time rather than go through it again, I pause.

I was just going to think about it.  Meditate on it.  And yes, I still will…

But something came through when I was talking to my mom.

And this was the idea about going back into the mainstream….

I explained to her how Spirit has been taking me back into the mainstream (btw, she is totally NOT into this talk but again give her credit for sitting through it… although I do kind of demand she listens when I speak about these things cause it’s important to me and it’s who I am) – and I shared with her that this is a very courageous thing that I am doing … going back into mainstream

(Hey, if you don’t give yourself a compliment then who the hell is?)

And it is courageous.  So I’m just telling her it is, cause I know sure as hell that she’s not viewing it like that… she’s probably instead just saying, my daughter… hmm.. i don’t get her.  HAHA

I explained to her that most people become spiritual and get into that community and don’t associate with mainstream people at all.

She didn’t really understand this so I had to explain to her that really everyone in this world divides themselves and stays with their “own” – the “same”

So I told her I was courageous for going back to mainstream and that I would go where Spirit takes me and wants me to go.

And then I sharing with her how by going to watch Basketball and attempting to talk about what I do…. well, I realized how advanced I am and how hard it is to explain to mainstream people what I do.

Even I am not really sure what I do, since I help with so much, but again it’s all deep level things.

So it’s about trimming back.  Making things simpler so everyone can understand.  Meeting people where they are.

Who needs spiritual concepts and spiritual living?  Mainstream people…

They are open to it.  They are curious about what I have to say.  Every person I have met has been wanting to know more and wanted to get my help.

So I need to cut it back.  Simplify it.  Go back to a club or hangout type of environment and “recruit” people from there… meaning teaching to mainstream people.

Cause the meetups listed that are SINGLES oriented, singles parties, events, etc… well many of those people, I know consider themselves SPIRITUAL… but they go to those types of events cause they don’t know what else to do.

Well, that’s where my work comes into play.

So yes I am feeling a bit of sadness of leaving behind what I am currently doing… you know, heading more into this shamanism / native american ceremonies… but I don’t have to abandon it.

I also feel a little uncertain as to, “Will it work?  And is this the path I’m to take?”

And instead of going into analyzing mode and trying to figure it out, I will look at my old notes of what I used to teach… simplify it down… keep it simple “stupid” and teach to the people.

Mainstream people… who are also spiritual.  And you know, we are ALL spiritual cause we are spiritual people.

Maybe I HAVE been limiting myself too much by marketing to spiritual people?

Maybe this isn’t the path for me…

Or rather, the ones who want to go deeper will go deeper with me one on one…

Just letting it be.

Taking things one step at a time.

So… the next meetup I put up, may very well be something singles events related.

I’m not there in my mindset as to meet someone, but there are plenty of people out there that are fed up and frustrated with dating the way they have been.  I can help with that.

I’ll think about it, as far as what event I’d do.  See what intuitions come up.

I finished dinner, walked to the parking lot and….

444 — Thousands of angels surround you at this moment, loving and supporting you. You have a very strong and clear connection with the angelic realm, and are an Earth angel yourself. You have nothing to fear—all is well.

Always nice to see.

PS:  Posted my Scandal violence video in a few places on Facebook and got this reaction.  I feel happy.  A smirk crossed my face.  (Not the usual mixed emotions or upset or cringing after reading someone’s comments on FB about my work) Instead, this feels good, it feels right.  I’m going to keep going.

On Scandal FB page, this comment with 5 likes.  This makes me laugh.  Stirring up people.  Whether she gets it or not, something is brewing.  My job is done 🙂

I call BULL!! I know what’s real and what’s not real and watching that episode did not bring me any closer to wanting to beat someone up. It seems you have an issue with the violence but not with the infidelity and promiscuous sex, hmmm. Everyone’s a critic and you’re entitled to your opinion just as I am. But I disagree with this. If you’re not equipped to extinguish truth from fiction then perhaps you shouldn’t be watching shows like this. -Just my 2 cents

And this on my Fan Page.  I like the Love Warrior thing.  I do feel warrior energy within me a lot, I see it’s coming through.  I notice it too.

Blair, love your strength of conviction! We are obviously in the field of a shift in consciousness. While I don’t share the same methodologies of helping to move this shift to where it is automatically going, it doesn’t matter. You inspire others with your so right out in front of you presence. Your are The Blair Love Warrior Project, I sooo wouldn’t wanna piss Ya off!! Love your videos. Love All Ways, We Are One, Ronnie.


–>  Very cool how he picked up on the warrior energy.  Happy that’s coming out.  At different times of my life I have had that come to me… that I am a warrior.  Have definitely been feeling my warrior side a lot now.  I’ve earned it!  Fearless! Powerful!  Expanded!  Beautiful!  I AM A WARRIOR!