November 14, 2012

Well, like I’ve shared with you I used to be an event planner.  I used to run my own event planning company in NYC.  And a busy one at that!  One that was always filled with women at events and one that was constantly written up and covered on TV by press.  Yea, it was a good company.

Somehow over the years I’ve shunned this side to me.  Pushed it aside.  Buried it.  I became turned off by my event planning company and skills.  Felt worn out by the whole thing.  Exhausted, and turned off my the whole experience.

I could say I don’t know what it was that made me look at my success like that… but then if I went digging, I could easily start listing it all out for you.  The things I was unhappy with…

But that was then and this is now.

And now, I see my event planner side re-integrating — and I’m happy about it.

Before I avoided any sight of the event planner in me.  Saw it as a way of getting exhausted and doing a lot of busy work – and that was not the way for me.  But now I see her again.  And I like her.  She’s quite genius.  Creative.  And she gets attention.  From people.  From the media.  They both love her.

Interesting how it keeps going back to that theme of whether I feel people like me or don’t….love me or not…. pay attention to me or ignore.

It’s one of those things.  But that’s me.  And I’ve worked on it long enough.  Done enough healing that now I am just embracing all of it.  At least that’s how I feel about it right now.

So anyway, with this new event I feel new life.

Spirit even sent me a caterpillar this morning as a wonderful sign, animal totem (I’m strongly connected to nature and the messages of Mother Earth).

So this is the new me.  Encourporating all of me.

Coming up with all these ideas of how to do my new event The Stupid Silly Event and all the ways I want to promote it and go for press coverage (maybe) 🙂

I’m in a new state, doing new events, being the REAL me.

In NYC I was hiding behind my event planning company.  Organizing everything behind the scenes, hiring, firing, training, promoting, publicizing, marketing, etc, plus  coming up with course content.  It was everything… except for other people.  Other people were the stars of the show.

This time, now in FL, I’m the star of the show… and you know what, I’m ready!


And now I am starting to understand why there were low turnouts to begin with… why I didn’t really promote… and why I didn’t go after press.  I wasn’t ready.

But now I am.

So let’s do this!

(But for now, I’m going to the beach…. see my last post) 🙂

Talk soon.