May 28, 2013

So the website / experience was filled with attention and excitement and then it stopped.

That’s really how it worked.

It’s our subconscious that says – “yes, more, more” — or it says “that’s enough.”

And I said, I see it now, “that’s enough” — and why?

Because it wasn’t fun anymore.

It was a money issue – lack of it.

Putting in all this time, energy and all excitement for no money pay off.

Yes, I was offered tv opps – and book – but with both they were not right / where I wanted to take my career.

So I see that this time around I’ve been laying things down to make money off this next venture.

Things on my website are set up –

which we’ll get to this –

And TV in development.

We’ll have to talk about this in another post as well.

This is also a fear – a concern – and that’s what I’ll be writing about to get clear on these things too