June 27, 2013

When I woke up today Spirit told me I could do whatever I wanted to.

Which to me originally meant a day of boredom again, but I’ve been enjoying the silence.

The energy feels so still and silent, so I’m marinating.

Marinating in my new idea for the tv program.  Seeing if I really want to do it and how I’d do it — although this is energetically, I’m not thinking about it at all today.  Not in the mood.

I’m doing a bit more organizing and clearing with paperwork.  That’s a constant it seems these days.

And I’m listening to a TV writer’s interview as I warm my lunch and clean around the house.

She spoke about something in her interview and I went to check out the page on Facebook… and there was another BEE 🙂

In the form of someone’s middle name (or made up name) on Facebook.


That makes me happy.

Today I’m allowing space for Spirit to work for me.  To make things happen.  To organize things behind the scenes.

I was thinking about it — and if I picture myself already with a tv deal, what would I be doing now?

I’d be resting, because I knew filming was coming up and that I would be very busy soon.

So that’s what I’m doing.

Thank you.  I feel good today.

I’m also going to watch as much of the 5th season of Nurse Jackie as I feel inclined to today.  I really love that show.  So brilliant.  Very clever writing and beautifully developed characters.

Also as I’m listening to this interview the thought has come to my mind – gratitude — how naturally Spirit has made me the way I am… and how I have all the traits one needs to do what I’m going to be doing in Entertainment.  How I’m naturally really good at it.  And perfectly prepared.

Not saying this in a cocky way.  It’s the way each one of us is created — everything perfectly in place – to do our Divine Mission.  Thank you so much.  Makes me feel very loved.