February 26, 2014

The last two days have been so action packed and busy.  I wasn’t expecting that — but it’s been super fun.

Spirit has been guiding me to get things ready for my move.

But not just get things ready — as I have been doing for the last month — with packing and releasing items, but this time, I’ve been doing a lot more physical things outside of the home.

Yesterday they were bugging me to get an eye exam.  I wanted to heal my eye sight so I stopped wearing these special eye contacts I have in the evening that reshape your retina and then you see perfect all day long — so I stopped wearing them 6 months or more.

And I have been walking around not seeing long distance so great.

So they were telling me — get your eyes checked.  Get glasses so you can drive to Georgia.

And I was like — yes, okay.  And I was asking around for eye doctors and calling around for prices, etc and then on my way to my massage (another thing they were telling me I better get NOW if I wanted it) — I saw a sign for 2 for $69 for glasses plus a free exam.  Ridiculously cheap and perfect since I just needed the glasses as a back up since I want to start wearing my contacts again — because another thing they’ve put in my mind is about my TV job and being able to read the prompter.

Which at this point – – again cause I haven’t been wearing my contacts — I can’t.

So there was an eye thing. I possibly need to see my eye contact guy too before I leave.  I will start wearing my reshaping contacts tonight — it should be back to 20/20 or better by Friday, so we’ll see how that goes.  That’s actually when I have an appointment with the contacts guy which “magically” opened up (they got a cancellation) after I called to schedule something this week.  That’s another magical story to tell but I won’t go into it.  (I’ll give you a hint — only once a month is is 1 hour away from my home in an office — otherwise his office is close to 1 hour 30 minutes – another location — and again this ended up lining up for me too — this Friday)

So got a massage — check.

On my way to massage – saw ideal eye exam which includes glasses – check.

At massage Spirit gave me an idea to donate these million binders I have to the massage school — then they gave me the idea to ask for a free massage instead — check.  I did so, and she gave me 1/2 off — awesome. 🙂

Before that, in the morning, I did my second run through of packing all the boxes I have in my trunk to see which ones I can and cannot bring.  Totally exhausting.  I’m on the third floor so it was up and down a million times to load my truck.

But it’s done and we’re golden.  Now I know how it’s going to work on the day that I move out of there.  Perfect.

Then they guided me to post my extra pair of rollerblades for sale, karaoke machine, and dog stroller on Craigslist and in my community.  Done.

And also to post my couch.  MY COUCH!  Wow.  That means this is legit.  This is coming closer.  We’re almost ready to go!!!

Check, check, check.

Then I came home and had to do laundry.  So again that was up and down the stairs a million times.  I was so tired and fulfilled last night.

Today I’m laying in bed extra this morning.  Tired.  Skinny.  I need to eat more today.

And there was a tinge of “am I crazy” or rather “this is a bit funny” – because again, I haven’t gotten that call yet.  In the physical I haven’t gotten the “here is where you are going” and job offer, etc.

But this thought got dismissed so fast.

It didn’t matter.  This other guidance is so real to me.  It is real.  And my guides said “Blaire, it doesn’t matter.  The physical is the last thing to manifest.  So get everything in order because you know as soon as you get that call, you are going to have to GO”

And that is true.

And yesterday I was so grateful this is going at the pace that it has been, because I’ve been able to leisurely get used to the idea of moving (there has been so many layers of things to release both physically and mentally and emotionally) — adjustments to a higher vibration — and leisurely been donating and selling things.

I got to think about what I wanted to sell. Get used to the energy shift when the item was out of here, etc.

I am so thankful — so so thankful that this has been going the way it is.

Otherwise it would have been way too fast.

Here this is a very conscious adjustment. A very conscious move.  A very conscious upgrade.

I love that I get to think about it all, be relaxed, and do things in steps.


PS:  After my massage I was guided to Home Depot where this guy helped me make my trunk cover even more secure.  Very awesome.  Grateful for that too.  The ENTIRE DAY was lead and magical.  Two days now like this, so busy, productive, and guided. Thank you.

PSS:  And last night while I was sleeping I had an anxiety / panic (somewhat) attack and release.  I’ll tell you about it in my last post!  I couldn’t believe it either, although it doesn’t surprise me….!