April 28, 2013

When you are intending to attract more money and take your life to a higher level regarding career, Spirit is going to eliminate some things from your life.

For me, it’s this “dip”

The low sad feeling you get sometimes when you feel you’re not making any progress

Or just an overall feeling sorry for yourself.

For me, I get the sadness of “when will it happen” — and “I’m doing all of this stuff and it’s not happening….” fear that it won’t happen anytime soon.  And upset cause I don’t want to suffer in this lack anymore.

Well, Spirit has made it clear, that a person who makes 6 and 7 figures — or rather I should say, me — the person I will be when I make 6 and 7 figures does not have that dip.

She doesn’t let herself get there.

She doesn’t let herself go there… at all.

I’ve been getting this message for a few months, but now I am consciously saying it and admitting it — and watching it — and will start to notice it more and STOP IT before it gets there.

Yesterday I was there a bit.

Spirit tells me “no more” — “this is what is keeping you where you are”

Okay, got it….

In this transition Spirit has also been working with me to bring in… self forgiveness… forgiveness of others (namely, family)…. clearing ALL OF MY negative thoughts (wow, this has been somewhat of a challenge at times, because they are so unconscious)… and working on receiving.

These are the messages I get almost every day.

Now, of course I’ve worked on these things before, but now it’s time to take them to the next level.  That’s what growth and healing is about, always moving to a deeper level of being.  Oh yea!