March 27, 2013

Good things have already started to happen today — and it’s only 9AM 🙂

Spirit keeps asking me today… what else do you want to happen today?

I asked for money, I got it.

I asked for that video gig, I got it.

I’d also like this writing job / spokesperson gig that I applied for yesterday.  Yes, angels, can you make that happen today.  I’d love to get that… or another paying writing gig.

And when I got the note from the casting director for the video gig I got, they are asking for my time.  Setting up a meeting, plus get these video series shot.

And funny enough I was thinking about this this morning.

How people are going to start wanting my time.

How I need to guard my private time, be conscious of when I open email and FB – and know that when I do, people will have opportunities for me that I need to reply to — and accept.

So what comes up… as I am not ready to address this woman’s email right now — yes, I’m really excited about it – it’s terrific news, but I need to manage my time and my energy — and I need to wait.

I made a commitment to myself to read over the draft of my book this morning.  I have a writer’s critique meeting later today I need to be prepared for.  I may need to write some more material.  I have a radio show I am doing… which by the way I thought about postponing, which Spirit told me NO, you do it.  It’s important for you to promote your new program.  So it’s not about moving things around or taking things off the table… like you see my natural tendency to do was (i was going to postpone the radio show) — it’s just about managing my time better.

Holding off on that email.  I should have NOT opened my email – which actually was a warning from Spirit “are you sure you want to address email right now?  you have other things to take care of”

And they were right.  Same warning before I opened FB, which I stopped myself in the middle of checking another response I got… cause I know they would maybe want a reply and I needed to control myself.

This is about controlling what’s in my mind.

Keeping my mind focused on JUST ONE THING.

This is a new skill / task / DISCIPLINE for me.

Focusing on ONE THING.

I have to review my book.  Do that now.  When I am ready to take on more, then that’s when I go do it.  Do not think of a million things at once.

This is how you conserve your energy.

And this is also how you ward off the fear of “oh no, i need to reply to her right away or I might lose this opportunity” terrible feelings.

I’m controlling my time and my energy – and my LIFE.  No more fear.  PEACE.

In the past, when I worked in TV I was at everyone’s beck and call.  That’s the mentality of TV.  Fast – and get it to them right now.  Hurry, we’re on deadlines.

But this time, as I go back into the field, I do it IN PEACE.  I control the pace, I control my energy, this is my life and I can create my environment anyway I want to.  I want to enjoy it this time around — rather than have it increase my anxiety — I want it to bring in more peace, joy, and happiness.  After all, that’s the whole point of doing it anyway!