May 14, 2013

Yesterday was magically fantastic.  My life is sooo good right now and what makes me smile with gratitude is because I know it’s going to get much better.

Ah, oh G-d, how good will I let it get?

How good will you let it get?

My meeting was incredible.  We had great rapport back and forth, and EVERYTHING on that list that I wrote out that he would be and how our interaction would go happened.  It was incredible, I reviewed it right after we got off the phone… which by the way was an hour conversation of such excitement and passion.  I was shining!

Oh g-d, I love myself.  When you are letting yourself shine, fully expand, and be all you can be, it is so beautiful and magnetic.  A love fest with myself and my dreams — and my mission in this world.

Also what I thought was real interesting and that was how i prepared for the meeting.

I prepared EXACTLY how I prepare for meeting with a student.

I saged, I meditated, I prayed, I tapped into the energy, I lit a candle — I got ready.

That’s interesting to me, very interesting.

I find it interesting because I think that’s how my whole life is now.  At this new level of fully being present, painting and holding the energy, praying, and being there.

I love it.


What a fabulous time of my life!