May 14, 2013

I’d like to look back now at all the things that happened between my students and I with gratitude.

I think I was doing this all along, but here I’m making it “official” with a love letter. 🙂

When you are bringing in more light energy and vibration it can make you go wacky and cause chaos in  your life or you can do things to ground it within you, like nap, take better care of yourself, pray more, meditate more, be out in nature more, exercise or exercise more.  I was doing all of these and I realize that I was very guided to do these things, so I’m grateful.

This all brought my vibration up.  That’s been my thing for so many years, for some reason 🙂  Just this incredible desire to keep raising my vibration.  And I’m happy to say I have.

That was the guidance I had to remove many things from my environment, the guidance to raise my prices, so many things… and all the wackiness with my students.

When things like this happen, it causes dissonance.  There’s things going on these days with jealousy and power struggles amongst lightworkers as well, which I find unfortunate for our people to be divided, it’s a group that normally feels alone as it is…

But anyway, either people rise with you, you wait around til they rise, or you just keep on your own path.

As I’ve shared with you before this has been a lesson for me with family members, friends, and my ex… now it was showing up with my students.

Thank you to all the students who helped me raise my vibration.  All the students who helped me see the contrast of what I was attracting and helped me birth the new vision for my business and career.

Thank you so much!

I love you!!  And I will be forever grateful.