November 16, 2012

I see the other area I was going wrong.  I had an intention that I wanted to attract more private paying students that loved and appreciated me.

Although I don’t see this as being too bad as an intention, I now have new awareness with this as well.

I was, again…. when you look at my previous videos, amazing, I’ve changed so much since I’ve made these videos, incredible and so grateful!

My first one was that I was frustrated, upset, and angry at not being appreciated.

These were paying students who I didn’t feel were treating me right.

Not appreciating me.  Not loving me.

Oh man, oh man.  Hahah.

Now it’s great to have students who love and appreciate you, but if they don’t – it should be “BIG WHOOP”

I’m to focus on my main intention right now… more private paying premium students.

That’s it.

It’s MY job to love and appreciate myself.

Not my students.

Oh man.  Oh man.  This goes into childhood wounding… yet again 🙂

But who cares.  I’m done with that.

More love and appreciation for Blaire needed… okay, serving it right up!  I can do this!

And my students will love and appreciate me when they get to that place.  When they change.  When they transform… and also when they heal from being perfectionists.

That’s one of my things as well….

Healing from being a perfectionist.

Healing from everything having to be perfect in order to deem yourself (or anyone else) as being successful.

Yea, I get it.  They are reflecting this to me… it’s something for me to heal more of.

Making a note of it.  And will do –

Happy days 🙂