November 8, 2012

As you can see by my last post, which was a video, that I went seashelling again today.  I find it’s important that I share these videos with you, although they may look like “off topic” they really are not.

You see, like I shared with you before, I am now learning my lessons through play, laughter, happiness, and fun.  No more stress and struggle.  No more pain.  And that’s cool.  Because that means I get to play a whole lot more than I was letting myself play in the past.

I’m less serious.  I’m having more fun.  I’m easier going.  I’m happier.

And the cool part of it is I know there’s much more to the transition.

So today I spoke to the sea.  I asked them to teach me about money.  Attracting an overload of money, like I attract an abundance of shells.

I wanted to understand it.

They said attracting money as easily as I attract shells is the same thing.

And then they proceeded to give me some lessons, which I will share with you.  🙂  (nice of me, I know) 🙂

They said that the spiritual community bastardized the whole idea of money and that’s why I am carrying around the thoughts that I do.  Most people may blame their parents for poor money thinking, but that’s not my case.  My parents have done well with attracting money.  This is what I was brought up around.

But in this field of spirituality, well that’s a different story and the Sea told me that this is what has been affecting with me.

They said that the spiritual field talks about being in service to people.  That’s where they shine their light.  That’s the holy thing to do.

To look for people to serve is good.

To look for money is bad.

But The Sea said this is not true.  One is not better than the other.  They are activities to do.  They can both be looked at as fun things to do with your time.  Again, no difference between the two.  It’s up to you how you want to spend your energy.

(Side note:  Wow, isn’t this amazing stuff!!!) 🙂

They told me to pay attention to how I look for shells.  That one of the things I do is set the strong intention when I come out here to find them.  I have done it in the past, so I know I will do it now.  I come out to find shells and I know I will be successful.

Then I look have intense focus…. even though I am talking non-stop to The Sea about my fears, concerns, worries, and asking for advice… so even though I am a motor mouth, I have intense focus while I am doing it.  “SHELLS.  SHELLS”

So they said I do the same with money.

Have intense focus.  Know I have found it in the past, so I will find it now in this moment.  And go looking for money.  When I’m sitting at my computer working, have intense focus… “MONEY. MONEY.”

When I am walking the dog… intense focus “MONEY.  MONEY.”

And then I look for it.



They said it’s really that easy.  And I trust them, so I’m going to try it!