April 5, 2013

And talk about leaping forward.  I’m going to draw tonight.  When I asked Spirit what to draw, they said a FROG – cause I’m leaping forward.

That’s cute.  I like that.

And when I was taking a shower, I was thinking about this.

Not long ago I was charging $200/session — students were paying me $600 for 3 sessions a month and $800 for 4 sessions.

Today I was updating my website, which I’m still processing and not sure where we’re going with all of it, although it does feel good and right.

And I was posting up new information – a new program, about finding Your True Self.

Cause it seems like MANY PEOPLE are coming to me about this these days.

I have heard enough times that although my students are single, there seems to be a calling from many people’s Spirit, maybe they’re not conscious of it and maybe they are — that they want to know their True Selves.

Now I help with this.  This is the path to attracting your “One” (which is a partner, which is also your relationship with G-d / learning how to find G-d, and it’s also YOU — your true self)

Now I understand this, so when I saw the Spiritual Way To Attract The One® I understand that it’s A PARTNER, SPIRIT, and YOUR TRUE SELF but other people don’t know that.  OBVIOUSLY.  Since that’s what I teach.

So I have been hearing, ohh… I didn’t know you teach this.  Or I wanted to go deeper in spirituality, but you were teaching about love and I wasn’t interested in that.

Okay, I take the hint.

I’m ready for it now.

So anyway, I put up a program to Find your True Self.

And I was asking Spirit what to charge.

They were saying 5,555 for 3 months.

I was doing the math and debating things in my head and feeling uncomfortable and whatever other stuff when you are adjusting to new levels of money vibration and I was putting 5,555 for 4 months.  But it kept looking and feeling wrong.  Plus Spirit kept telling me $5,555 for 3 months.  THREE MONTHS.

And since I pulled a card that said “LISTEN” this morning, I have been more alert with LISTENING to what Spirit is saying to me today.

So I put it up there.

Now I am mentally and energetically still figuring out about the difference between my other programs, etc.  but what I wanted to talk about here is how much I have grown.

How I’ve adjusted to new levels of being.

It’s incredible.

To go from charging a student $800/month for weekly sessions to $1,500/month again, not so long ago for weekly sessions to now $1,919/month for weekly sessions is fantastic.

And sure, we can talk about anxieties / fears / concerns and whatever, but they are very mild and I know I will work through this adjustment level over the next few days / weeks.

It’s really awesome.

I’m proud of myself!