November 5, 2012

Oh boy, oh boy, how I love that I am writing about this material… and it’s totally something that I never thought I would be writing about.  It’s something that I never knew anything about, but it’s material that has been coming to me and through me and it’s the way of life that I am moving into. Absolutely amazing.

So you may remember that I had mentioned that Spirit is now teaching me my lessons through happiness, joy, laughter, and play.  Do you remember this?  Well, this is what is happening.  And in order to learn these lessons I am strongly encouraged to take more time off from work… and relax, simply be, enjoy and play.  Yes, really.

Oh my g-d, I am so psyched just in writing this here for you!! It’s so exciting!!

So you may remember a past post I made about No Separation Between Work and Life  (you may want to re-read that post), well again, no longer am I “clocking in hours” at work.  It’s no longer that energy of “gotta do this or gotta do that” instead there is more flow.  More magic.  More allowing.  More praying.  More intending.  More receiving.  More fun and more play.

These days, my work is my play and my life is my work.. and again, I’m supposed to be in joy.

That’s it.

I’m supposed to enjoy.

That’s is.

G-d damn!!  Amazing, right?!  So freakin’ cool!

So this is where my life… and yours too when you are ready to be there… turns into heaven on Earth.


Anything that you can think of that would be a fantastic way of living, well, that’s heaven on Earth.

It’s the way we lived in Atlantis.  That we got paid doing what came so naturally and effortlessly to us…. We attracted everything we ever wanted or needed through our minds.  Everything was delivered to us…. easily and effortlessly.  All our needs were taken care of.  We were happy, in joy, smiley, laughey (yes, I know not a word) 🙂 and having fun.

Sure, not everyone will come into this Atlantean energy.  Not everyone will believe it is possible or even desire it.  But to me, I think it’s freakin’ awesome!

Now I am still learning to trust and have faith.. and I’m sure I will talk more about this.  But this has to do with being in your power as well.  Totally amazing experience!

So all day long, my job is to enjoy.  To play.

I think of what I want in my mind.  I put it out to the Universe and then I receive.

This is about getting good at receiving.

This I’m still practicing and learning.  It’s something I am still remembering…

But it’s freakin’ cool.

And how have I been playing?  Through hanging out with the ocean, seashelling!

This is something that I’ve always loved.  Something that I never thought too much about… as my life has definitely gotten pretty serious… so it wasn’t like I was thinking “How can I bring more joy into my life”  but this has come around and it’s been fantastic.

For the last two days that I’ve been out there and stepped more into this Atlantean energy, Spirit has brought me two new friends… seashelling friends… who are the greatest, because they are just like me… and if you have been on this spiritual path for even a little bit, you know how isolating it can be.  So it’s amazing to meet others who are just like you, into seashelling – getting as excited about it as me 🙂

And they both were talking to me about my services as well… so two new potential clients as well.

This is what it’s about.  Attracting and receiving.

You can be sure I will have more to say about this topic!