March 13, 2014

I keep feeling like being outside today.  It’s beautiful out, plus I feel kind of tired.

I’m taking in a lot of energy — a lot of intuitive downloads.

Plus I see how I’ve gone to another level of being this week.


So as I was walking back from the food store, I saw my friend (guide) Martin Luther King on this license plate and it said “Live the Dream”

Which totally made me smile and laugh.

Totally related to the message that my guides told me this morning — “The good news is that you can now manifest anything you want”  (remember I posted that in a previous post)

Well, so, yea.

I am ready to live the dream.

I keep asking is there anything for me to do?

Any blocks?

And Spirit has been playing this funny chant in my head repeatedly… they said it to me a few days ago, but they bring it back around when I ask these type of questions. 

“I relax to receive”

I relax to receive

It’s not funny when you just read it — but they have me saying it as a chant.

They also told me in a funny way, that I should repeat after them  “I relax to receive, I relax to receive” – and then we chant it together.

It’s hilarious.

So yea, Live the Dream….