May 7, 2013

What I’ll share here is a limiting belief that I have become aware of. That I’ve known about for awhile — and that is the fear of writing / emailing / communicating with people — my students – for they are too sensitive and who knows what will spark them.

Here’s the example…

When people join this site I’ve arranged that they get a welcome message.  An automated email from me welcoming them to the site and asking them to share some information about themselves.  This is nice in my eyes, a little bit of an exchange between us, although there’s no personal attention through this site, at least I get to know a bit more about them.

I thought this was a good idea.

I still think it is.


This new girl emailed me a long email.  Giving compliments, asking questions, etc.

I questioned whether I should reply back or not.

Seems silly, but I’ve experienced “big name” people not reply back.  They always ignored me / their lower level people… lower level as in lower level offerings.  People who paid more money get attention.

Okay… this sits in my head.  How should I respond?

Then the concern that arose for me was that she asked a question, if people who also were members of this site could see her blog posts and if she’d be able to see theirs.

Dicey question.  This is what stopped me for a minute.  I wondered what to do.

I could ignore the question.  I could lie (this was just an option, not something I would do).  Or I could answer honestly, from my heart.

I choose to do the latter.

Here’s part of the email…

Which I will add that I totally tapped into my heart – answered from my heart — and spent time responding to her.  Keep in mind, I value my time and energy, but thought it would be worth it to welcome someone new to my community.  It’s that thought again, of building my business one relationship at a time… but we’ll get to that belief in a minute, as I feel it may be a limiting belief AS WELL!!

So here’s part of the email where I shared answers to her questions.

Thank you for sharing this information about yourself and it was so nice to get your email.
Let’s see, to answer your questions (I hope I am getting them all) – about Blairesland, as of now you are the only one going through the Adventure.  The others who were on the journey dropped off because of various reasons, namely they got triggered 🙂  So please make sure you watch that video of where I talk about being triggered (it’s on the first blog post I think) – that’s a recent addition, as I think it’s important to realize that this may happen through the website.  My best advice would be to just focus on how the blog posts make you feel and the thoughts that come up — and blog about everything related.  This will help you clear through everything, grow and heal.  It’s what has always helped me move forward.
But as others join, yes, they will see your blog posts and you will see theirs.  As you see, you can change your name and that’s totally fine by me whoever would like to be incognito.  We’re all sharing private stuff on the site for the sake of growth and healing.
So what did I do wrong?
I answered in the most loving way.  Totally felt heart centered throughout this email.   Felt happy and expanded through writing this email and connecting with her — yet something happened… she didn’t like what I said.  I’ll share more on that later.
So what did I do wrong here?
Share that others got triggered?
Notified her of it?
Told her how others are not on the site anymore?
Explained the process to her a bit?
Signaled her to the video of me explaining it more?
I hate all this thinking and double thinking about my actions.
There is nothing wrong with this email.  WHAT THE FUCK?