March 7, 2013

I was very proud of myself yesterday.  I was questioning whether to go back to a group I used to attend but have been having problems with members of the group.

I needed to go, I wanted to go yesterday to get some help — but I was concerned about the people I don’t like being there.

I debated it in my head.  Do I just not go?  Avoid the drama?  Only go places where I am loved and adored?  And this was the philosophy I had for several weeks.

But then yesterday, when I wanted to go — could find it useful to go, I said — I don’t want someone to stop me from going anywhere.  I don’t want to be afraid.  Don’t want to back down.  I’m no wimp.  There’s nothing for me to be scared of anymore.

So there was this conflict.  What do I do?  Stand in my power, stand up to this person.  Possibly be ready for some sort of fight?  (I had my mase ready) 🙂  Cause I did get scared at times and paranoid during the day leading up to it.

But then I summoned my Spirit Friends.  I said, Light is more powerful than Dark.  Please help protect me and please let’s cover this group in light and this meeting in light and let it all go smooth and peaceful.

I had the intuition that this person – – these people who were trying to start with me through email and with other members – didn’t want any conflict either.

I said, okay.. all will be well.

But as I was walking to the group, I was spiritually suiting up and getting my protection.  Praying, ready for anything.

And yesterday was fine.  Perfect.  The people who I had conflict with, or rather, they had issue with me… didn’t even end up showing.  They RSVP’ed but didn’t come.  Thanks to Spirit.

I was a superstar.  In my power.

As I was getting dressed to go, I was dressing in my power.  As the Love Guru.  As someone who is successful and knows who she is.  When I’m rich and famous, hanging out with high profile celebs and superstars, I’m not going to be afraid of anyone.  I’m not going to do it.  I’m a powerful warrior, there is no small little Blaire anymore.

Yesterday was good practice — and that’s what I thought going into it.. and it was.

PS:  Two days ago I found a $50 bill on the ground.  It was FUCKING FANTASTIC! And I know it was a gift from Spirit.  A few months ago they gave me a $50 laundry card and now $50 in cash.  SWEETNESS.  I was so amazed and still am!!