June 20, 2013

After taking several looks in my car at the storage possibilities.

After thinking about packing up the car several times.

After looking over the items that I have in the house —

I realize that again, I need to let more go.

This process of going cross country is one of release.

Releasing all the old “things” that simply can’t come on my trip cross country.

Unless of course I go to ship things, but I don’t know if it’ll be worth it.

Releasing it all.  Only keeping what I truly love.  There’s no other way around it as there’s simply not room in the car — and even if I fly and ship the car, again it’s limited with space.

So again, feeling grateful for these days of big action and excitement forward and then grateful for these days to adjust and new awarenesses to come to light.

I also get why again I haven’t been working with students.

I totally get it.

Spirit wants me to totally focus on my desires.  Focus on where my heart is leading me… and again, I know how I am when I work with students, I focus so much of my time and energy thinking about them, praying for them, and working on my business making more services, etc to help them — so again, there’s a feeling and a knowingness that I will be taken care of financially during this time since it’s a must that I go through it… and divinely guided, but still at times, little tinges of “what are you doing” — and instead of researching the move, you should be sending out resumes.

I’m waiting on a writing job from this new copywriting job I got…

Hopefully tomorrow they’ll have something for me.

Weird how I got that — and a week goes by and they don’t have an assignment for me.

Weird.  But not thinking about that.  I’m thinking about this move and sponsorship.  That’s what I’m asking for these days….. sponsorship! sponsorship!  big money doing my natural gifts and talents.

Putting my gifts to work.





I’m ready.