May 21, 2013

One thing that comes to mind that I need to let go of — a limiting thought, and that’s this —

The being annoyed by people.

Not having patience with people.

Hating people.

It’s time.  I need to let it go.

There’s always a thought that people are wasting my time.  Draining my energy.  That when I get into conversations with them, I listen.  Absorb, and I hate it.

But maybe this is just an old way of being that hasn’t updated.

Maybe this was the old thought pattern because my boundaries were weak.  I went into default of listening and not sharing my opinions / thoughts because I was afraid how people would feel or react.  maybe this is just all old?

For example, there’s two ladies in my complex.  Actually I can think of a guy too.

I don’t want to talk to any of them.

So I should just NOT talk to them.

Do I avoid them?

Not sure.

Maybe yes.

But then I’d talk to no one.

But maybe the deal is just to talk to those who I like.  Those who bring me joy and energy.

But I don’t know.  It seems like a lot of people in my neighborhood annoy me.  A lot of them I don’t like or try to avoid.  Downers.  So that’s part environment and part I need to start looking for other people who I like to talk to.  Rather than always trying to avoid.

There’s a new guy in the complex and no, I’m not interested in dating him, but I like his energy.  He’s normal.  That sounds funny, but again, I really think it’s a South Florida thing…

So why not talk to him?

Make him my friend?

My neighbor I used to like… he moved.

There’s another neighbor I have that I like her too… so again, start noticing more the people I do like.  Start making more of an effort with them… rather than going for the people who are downers, the ones who are maybe easier to approach, more around, more available.

Hmm, okay.

But I definitely saw this a lot at the expo.  Just not liking people there.  Not having patience for them.  Not wanting to talk to them.

But again, those were the WRONG people.  Downers.  People I don’t want to be around.

There WERE two people specifically during my talk who were open, who had nice energy, who were listening and interested — those are the people I want to be around.

Yes.  Okay.  So a combination of being at the “wrong” expo.  Notice more the age range and type of people at an event… and then I won’t have this problem anymore.


Spend less attention noticing the people who annoy me and more time on the people around me who I do like, who I am interested in getting to know better, etc.

And make more of an effort with them…

Yes, okay.  Good.