June 27, 2013

So today I just hung around.  Listened to a lot of interviews of TV writers and execs talking about the business.  I find that very interesting.

Went for a swim, which was nice.  The water is so warm in the pool in my community and I have been finding swimming laps to be very comforting.  Today I met a guy – so that was nice, to have conversation and a bit of flirting with someone.  He told me I have “beautiful swimming movements” — I thought that was funny, also very flattering.

Saw my bright green lizard friend (a new one) on my way to the supermarket, which was nice – again — meaning my dreams being reviewed before they manifest.  I appreciate those signs.  And then today I’ve been watching Season 5 of Nurse Jackie (I really like that show, very well written) and there was a BEE in the background of one of the episodes, so that again is a great sign — the promise of the impossible happening.

So with all that, each time today when I would — just a little bit – begin to think about my new TV pitch, what kind of show I want to do — I would get all confused.  The thought wouldn’t last long at all and be confusion right off the bat.

So I’m just documenting that here.

No judgment around it.

And I just let it be.  Went to imagine something else.

Kind of strange I guess.  But who knows.  It’s percolating.